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1) Now you can give a sorting order to your items. 

The order starts from 255. 

So let's say you have set an item order 2 and another one to 3. 

The item that has order 2 will be displayed first. 

If both items has same order, the items will be ordered by their Id.


2) The interface of use item page is improved.

3) The interface of item's detailed description that can be opened from use item page improved.


4) Now when you click to display a Monster's details page, the opened new window will be centered in your screen.

5) New stats added to the user profile page. Now you can see a player's MonsterDex complete ratio and MonsterDex Event complete ratio.

Check all shown stats from top to bottom >

6) MonsterDex complete ratio is calculated as follows: number of different Monsters you own currently / total number of Monsters in MonsterDex

7) MonsterDex Event complete ratio is calculated as follows: number of different Monsters you have caught in wilderness after the MonsterDex event started (since Version 3.4.4) / total number of catchable different Monsters count in wilderness (classes: "Regular", "Superior", "Emissary", "Zenith", "Starter", "Legendary", "Ancient")

8) Manage and set Monster team page's interface are greatly improved >

9) 2 New filterings min and max level filtering added to the manage and set Monster team pages >

10) Now you can turn off or turn on escape from high Class Monsters (Starter, Zenith, Legendary, Ancient) alert from your control panel >


11) More gameplay shortcuts added to the game >

12) Half Revive, Perfect Revive and Ultimate Revive items will now heal the following status problems on a fainted Monster > Bleeding, Burning, Confusion, Cringe, Frozen, Paralyzed, Poisoned, Sleeping, Trapped.

15) New alert message just like in daily boss battles page added to the guild wars page. The alert will show every time > Doing a guild war with multiple / alternate accounts are not allowed (does not matter if same guild or different guild). Therefore, use only one of your account to do guild war

16) Reward page was not working properly in mobile devices, that bug fixed >

17) A new feature default Monster Box added to the settings >

Now you can set a default Monster Box for quick select in wild Monster battles


18) Now when you are using an item, your bag Monster team will be sorted as your order given in select Monster page on the item usage panel


19) New guild help score added to the game. 

You will gain 1 guild help score by doing a guild quest battle. 

In order to get a guild help score from guild quest battle, you have to either win the battle or battle at least 10 rounds.

With getting higher guild scores, you will get badges that is to be shown on your profile page >

With each 500 guild help score, your guild help score badges will get an improvement


If you leave or get kicked from your guild, your guild score will get reset

The aim of guild score is giving an incentive for players to do guild quest battles

20) 10 minute cooldown added to the trade chat. Also now it will show you error message if you try to post a chat message too fast.

21) New filter by captured Monster Box added to the Buy Monster from Bazaar and Manage Monster Team pages. It includes Reward Box as well.

22) Damage multipliers (displayed as a small text on the move) for enemy Monster's moves as well added


23) Send guild message to all guild members feature added to the game. You can click the button in guild page or in post PM page type @guild as a recipient


24) Gold cap is increased to 999,999,999,999 from 2,099,999,999

There can be some problems with new gold cap, if you notice please report asap

25) Google plus icons and references removed from the game

26) New discord channel opened. Everyone should join the official MonsterMMORPG's discord channel

Discord channels icon added to the top right of the game screen

Channel link >

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