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1) The top trainers page greatly improved. New ranking listings added

Now you can see top 1000 rankings including your own rank in the below categories on Top Trainers page :
Unlike the Top Trainers rank, these rankings are calculated immediately. So they are always most up-to-date

> Rankings By:
>>> Gold Amount
>>> ELO Score
>>> ELO Battle Win Count
>>> ELO Battle Loss Count
>>> Account Level
>>> Account EXP
>>> Silver Medals Count
>>> Gold Medals Count
>>> Referred Players Count
>>> Verified Referred Players Count
>>> All Time Maximum Daily Boss Damage
>>> Clan Quest Battles Count
>>> Clan Quest Damage Amount
>>> Battle Count
>>> Victorious Battle Count
>>> Battle Flee Count
>>> NPC Battle Count
>>> Victorious NPC Battle Count
>>> Guild Battle Attack Win Count
>>> Guild Battle Attack Loss Count
>>> Guild Battle Defense Win Count
>>> Guild Battle Defense Loss Count

2) Maximum guild levels are limited to 200

3) From now on in order to earn Silver Medals from guild wars, you have to make at least 1 attack which means you have to at least participate that ongoing war

4) Profile page greatly improved. Many more statistics are added. Check out and let me know what you think >

5) From now on, if a battle does not get ended in 24 hours, it will be deleted in the daily ranking update time

6) From now on, to be evaluated and ranked in Top Trainers ranking, you need to be active in last 30 days. It was 7 days previously

7) 8 new weekly events added to the game. These events are
>> Weekly Accumulated Account EXP
>> Weekly Regular Class Monster Catch
>> Weekly Superior Class Monster Catch
>> Weekly Emissary Class Monster Catch
>> Weekly Zenith Class Monster Catch
>> Weekly Starter Class Monster Catch
>> Weekly Legendary Class Monster Catch
>> Weekly Ancient Class Monster Catch

8) Several game speed optimizations are made in the server and the game code behind

9) All forum errors are fixed. If you find new errors let me know please

> Speicial new year weekend bonus event started. 500% bonus for EXP and Gold from battles

> Please let me know any unexpected results or errors

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