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1) All Monsters on maps re-assigned (shuffled)

2) All NPCs on maps re-assigned

3) A new restriction rule added to the guild system
> Now if you disable guild wars participation, you cannot disable it again for 72 hours
> This cool down has added to prevent system abuse

4) Country flags system updated. If you see incorrect flag in your profile let me know

5) Now you can use TP items up to 10,000 (it was 200 before)
> So now you can maximize a Monster's EV points with items 

6) Now you can purchase items from bazaar up to 999 at once (it was 99 before)

7) Now a bonus EXP and Gold event started, it will be displayed on the very top with remaining time

8) Database software updated. The game may work a little bit faster
thank you cef, hoping for more updates :)
please keep us updated, cef.
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