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Version 2.4.5 Beta
Monster MMORPG 15 June 2014 update change logs V2.4.5 Beta

➽ Click F5 or refresh button to see updated images

✌ 15 monsters images are updated

✔ 1 New monster added to the game

➢ 150% EXP and Gold boost for the weekend started.

♛ All monsters on the maps re-assigned (this means some of the previously not catchable monsters are now catchable and some may not be catchable anymore)

♟ All NPCs and their monsters on maps re-assigned

♜ All Monsters default abilities re-assigned (default abilities come with rewards such as donation rewards)

♣ The latest catchable monsters on maps list can be seen here: ⇶

☀ Special starter monster catching weekend event started. At this event a starter monster appears as wild monster on a single map:

♔ This weekend Monster is: ⇶ #49 Wallacuff [Image: 49-Wallacuff.png]

♔ This starter is catchable on: ⇶ Training Cave F2 [Image: Training-Cave-F2.png]

☑ 1 New monster added to the game as zenith (volunteered):

[Image: 1806-Falcjin.png]

☑ 3 Monster images updated (commissioned low budget):

[Image: 1251-Lavabug.png] [Image: 1252-Volcabug.png] [Image: 1253-Volcamount.png]

☑ 9 Monster images updated (volunteered):

[Image: 436-Niesky.png] [Image: 437-Nielaika.png] [Image: 657-Pugel.png] [Image: 658-Pudeuer.png] [Image: 882-FlamePup.png] [Image: 883-InfernoHound.png] [Image: 1725-Cuckat.png] [Image: 1726-Cuckoot.png] [Image: 1727-Cuckrazy.png] [Image: 705-Wookey.png] [Image: 706-Fertamam.png] [Image: 707-Tikdra.png]

❆ Here the links of all image updated monsters:

#436 Niesky#437 Nielaika#657 Pugel#658 Pudeuer
#882 FlamePup#883 InfernoHound#1251 Lavabug
#1252 Volcabug#1253 Volcamount#1725 Cuckat#1726 Cuckoot
#1727 Cuckrazy#1806 Falcjin
#705 Wookey#706 Fertamam ➩  #707 Tikdra
Thank you very much for this update.  I love it!
as always Awesome job cef Wink
Awesome event, thanks Cef for the updates and rotation, hope to get 7, even at least 1, i have horrible luck at finding mons in caves, surfing, and the flying zone :/ , great new upgrade images.

Yeah i could only catch one, but it is a good one x3
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Not bad update. I'd rather had the little kangaroo, but maybe next time then :p
And thx for re-assining monsters Smile
            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
thanx for this update been waiting from yesterday for this
Thank you Cef    Rolleyes
this happened a bit late and i missed it but thanks for the update
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