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Version 2.4.2 Beta
Big Grin 
Monster MMORPG 18 May 2014 update change logs V2.4.2 Beta

➽ Click F5 or refresh button to see updated images.

✌ 17 monsters images are updated.

➢ 100% EXP and Gold boost for the weekend started.

☀ Special starter monster catching weekend event started. At this event a starter monster appears as wild monster on a single map:

♔ This weekend Monster is: #45 Dracby [Image: 45-Dracby.png]

♔ This starter is catchable on: Draconic Ruins [Image: Draconic-Ruins.png]

☑ 1 Monster images updated (commissioned):

[Image: 88-Shockder.png]

☑ 1 Monster images are updated by our existing monster images:

♟ 1218-Spidermon : Previously ID: 88

[Image: 1218-Spidermon.png]

☑ 3 Monster images are revamped by volunteered artist

[Image: 759-Chicurl.png] [Image: 760-Robial.png] [Image: 761-Feathawk.png]

☑ 12 Monster images are replaced by volunteered artists existing artworks to improve overall artwork quality of the game

[Image: 535-Basiloch.png] [Image: 536-Abysstol.png] [Image: 537-Hydrannon.png] [Image: 605-Winstar.png] [Image: 606-Helmour.png] [Image: 607-Arcelot.png] [Image: 642-Lilynx.png] [Image: 643-Cattaleo.png] [Image: 644-Encyclion.png] [Image: 708-Dohzi.png] [Image: 709-Douhoov.png] [Image: 710-Dourin.png]

❆ Here the links of all image updated monsters:

#88 Shockder#535 Basiloch#536 Abysstol#537 Hydrannon
#605 Winstar#606 Helmour#607 Arcelot#642 Lilynx
#643 Cattaleo#644 Encyclion #708 Dohzi#709 Douhoov#710 Dourin
#759 Chicurl#760 Robial#761 Feathawk#1218 Spidermon
Thanks Cef Smile
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new update and new starter thanks cef.
Oh SNAP, mha fave starter, i needs to get a bunch of them, or at least one, oh man i hope i get lucky XD , thanks Cef for the event plus new image updates d(-_^)
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Thx cef; Nice update
            thx PRYSMA 2
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thc Cef Big Grin
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YES! The Feathawk redraws are GORGEOUS! I was hoping we wouldn't lose those guys! Big Grin
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Thanks Cef, we really appreciate the work. I especially find the redesigns awesome. Starters are cool as well. I love Dracby. Awesome we can catch some. I assume the plan with the 1 per weekend will stay?
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If anyone feels that he could use my help with anything, be it text, grammar, simple systems in games, new player experience or long term motivation concerning anything about this game, I will be willing to help him / her!

At first, let's revive this forum!
i missed an awesome event
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