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Version 2.4.1 Beta
Monster MMORPG 10 May 2014 update change logs V2.4.1 Beta

➽ Click F5 or refresh button to see updated images.

✌ 5 monsters images are updated.

➢ 150% EXP and Gold boost for the weekend started.

☀ Special starter monster catching weekend event started. At this event a starter monster appears as wild monster on a single map:

♔ This weekend Monster is: #39 Hissoil [Image: 39-Hissoil.png]

♔ This starter is catchable on: Overheated Desert [Image: Overheated-Desert.png]

☑ 4 Monster images updated (commissioned):

[Image: 859-Kommo.png] [Image: 860-Gammaro.png] [Image: 861-Martigor.png] [Image: 1515-Vulragon.png]

☑ 1 Monster images are updated by our existing monster images:

♟ 1728-Chimeros : Previously ID: 1515

❆ Here the links of all image updated monsters:

#859 Kommo
#860 Gammaro
#861 Martigor
#1515 Vulragon
#1728 Chimeros
Please reroll the starter again CeF! Anyways nice update!
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Thank you Cef Tongue
awesome new monsters!! thx! Big Grin
            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
Nice, thank you for your good work Smile
Awesome image upgrades as usual, all thanks to not only the donators, but you as well Cef, plus the design team, thank you.
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thanks manSmile
Martigor and Vulragon are SO AWESOME! Thanks to Sinnelius and Robert for the excellent monster updates!
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Awesome thx so much Cef Angel
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