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Version 2.3.9 Beta
Monster MMORPG 27 April 2014 update change logs V2.3.9 Beta

➽ Click F5 or refresh button to see updated images

✌ 20 monsters images are updated.

➢ 200% EXP and Gold boost for the weekend started

☑ 3 Monsters images updated (commissioned please comment on those 3 to whether continue hiring that artist or not):

[Image: 733-Bibit.png] [Image: 734-Bighoss.png] [Image: 735-Bislick.png]

☑ 17 Monsters images are updated by volunteered artists awesome artworks
✇ We continue to improve our overall artwork quality

[Image: 616-Stoison.png] [Image: 617-Toxalis.png] [Image: 618-Stonoxin.png] [Image: 747-Vambat.png] [Image: 748-Vamperior.png] [Image: 762-Cogear.png] [Image: 763-Gearaid.png] [Image: 871-Dragomoss.png] [Image: 1000-Volboa.png] [Image: 1001-Anaconduk.png] [Image: 1294-Gizmodo.png] [Image: 1312-Hanaleaf.png] [Image: 1533-Armadeon.png] [Image: 1633-Evoleon.png] [Image: 1718-Areneon.png] [Image: 1743-Spanteon.png] [Image: 1781-Ebeeon.png]

❆ Here the links of all image updated monsters

#616 Stoison#617 Toxalis#618 Stonoxin#733 Bibit#734 Bighoss#735 Bislick
#747 Vambat#748 Vamperior#762 Cogear#763 Gearaid#871 Dragomoss
#1000 Volboa#1001 Anaconduk#1294 Gizmodo#1312 Hanaleaf#1533 Armadeon
#1633 Evoleon#1718 Areneon#1743 Spanteon#1781 Ebeeon
wow very nice cef great job Wink
[Image: attachment.php?aid=446]
3 new commissioned look great and the volunteered look decent prob great update to their original designs
Hire that artist!
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Meirnon needs to stay. S/he's great. Big Grin
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Great work!.
good Smile
            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
Amazingimage upgrades as usual cef, thank you so much, and thanks to the artist d(-_^)
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will there be a new catchable starter with next patch?
The new commissioned artist is great.  I'd say as good as Henrie.
thanks for the update cefSmile
(2014-04-27, 04:38 PM)elune Wrote: will there be a new catchable starter with next patch?

probably :d
update map?
found ebeeoneon
[Image: ebenonmonmon.png]
not on map listeon
[Image: venenon.png]
still showing inseringe
My first ancient
[Image: daa154e0-1b59-4c7d-ae84-372078000ab3.png]
Al haber gatos no hay ratones
tons_o_snot thanks a lot for reporting

should be fixed now i forgot to update Big Grin
Awesome update as always cef, and just coming closer and closer to V3 :3
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
all this art works are really great and thanks for the event too +1 thumbs up
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]

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