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Version 2.3.7 Beta
* Developer announcement: The game admin Furkan Gözükara finally passed PhD (Computer Engineering) thesis proposal exam and planning to start working on V3 soon.
Before starting to work on V3 it is planned to improve map movement system to improve game quality.

* Free ancient giveaways continue on our Facebook page please follow us :

* 150% bonus event started for the weekend (extra Gold and EXP)

* A special ancient give away event goes on click here to see details (composing wallpapers for the game)

* A new special weekend event started. From now on i am planning to make 1 starter monster appear on maps during the weekend

---- This weekend Monster is #742 Padark [Image: 742-Padark.png]

---- This starter is catchable on Tesla Forest [Image: Tesla-Forest.png]

* 45+ New game wallpapers added to the game click here to check them out and download them to use

* 3 Monster images updated (commissioned)

* 3 Monster images replaced with our existing monster images.

* 1 Monster image updated with a volunteered artist work

---- Monster Id 86 is now Mobus (commissioned monster)
---- Monster Id 85 is now Repyunidai (commissioned monster)
---- Monster Id 1793 is now Ordulong (commissioned monster)

---- Monster Id 1034 is now Mythulu (previously 86)
---- Monster Id 425 is now Trampolm (previously 1793)
---- Monster Id 1221 is now Skunkeon (previously 948)
---- Monster Id 948 is now Xenomonster (previously 85)

---- Monster Id 971 is now Eledrag (volunteered artist replacement)

* Commissioned monsters

[Image: 85-Repyunidai.png] [Image: 86-Mobus.png] [Image: 1793-Ordulong.png]

* Volunteered artist work

[Image: 971-Eledrag.png]

* Game wallpapers can be seen at here : (50+ so far)

---- 5 Example game wallpaper click to see full size

[Image: Great-Game-Browser-Based-MonsterMMORPG-Wallpaper.png] [Image: Freezing-Monster-Try-To-Catch-And-Battle...lpaper.png] [Image: Online-Monster-Battling-Game-MonsterMMOR...lpaper.png] [Image: MMO-RPG-Game-MonsterMMORPG-Wallpaper.png] [Image: Browser-Based-Game-Monster-MMORPG-Wallpaper.png]

* The monsters that which images replaced with our existing monster images

[Image: 425-Trampolm.png] [Image: 948-Xenomonster.png] [Image: 1034-Mythulu.png] [Image: 1221-Skunkeon.png]
new monsters are awesome but i have 1 more wish can u make howe did u said that duno but what i wish is from make different monsters on maps rearange monsters u know i'm no good in english hope u will understand Wink
[Image: attachment.php?aid=446]
Looooove the new monsters!!  I was following that thread and I'm so glad they're finished.  And my favorite starter is catchable.  Thank you for putting the lowest evolve form on the map!
Wow, cool monsters Smile
WOO! Repyunidai is IN!
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One of the best updates ever!
I agree with mlinka for rearranging monsters. maybe next time?
            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
just made an animation update to the walking

keep pressing w,a,s,d and it should work more fluent

but still working on improvements
ok refresh page did another update

will completely fix tonight hopefully need to leave now
Very awesome image upgrades, thank you so much Cef and good luck to all that plan on entering the contest, as well as hunt for the starter of this weekend.
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just did another update to the map system

now it should work more fluent

also map image blinking problem should be fixed

it was like 1 moment a black and then comes back
awesome man this is awesome and gratz to u again Wink
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
met so many padarks and couldn't catch one of themSad

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