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Version 2.2.9 Beta
* Press F5 (or refresh button in browser) to see updated images

* For the weekend 200% bonus EXP & Gold event started

* Total 13 monster images updated. All of them are from volunteered artists. Expect one of the artist is i recently commissioned. The commissioned monster is not ready yet although.

* 1 image is done by this new commissioned artist as a freebie

[Image: 1290-Aforexsoarus.png]

* 12 monster images updated by volunteer artists contributions (Free)

[Image: 998-Amprid.png] [Image: 999-Vermillios.png] [Image: 1073-Dilloom.png] [Image: 1074-Dillow.png] [Image: 1075-Dillossus.png] [Image: 165-Reptal.png] [Image: 166-Carnital.png] [Image: 245-Vivorin.png] [Image: 246-Mevorin.png] [Image: 672-Dredrock.png] [Image: 673-Tegalan.png] [Image: 1762-Chromion.png]
Cool new monster! Also, glad to see the new Dilloom line and Chromion added to the game. Big Grin
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cool style. i like it
            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
it looks like a real picture -_-
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Måîdęñ Øf Thê Whįtė Høršē
Neigh, mothatrucka'
it looks very realistic ,whos the artist?
thanks for the update Smile
It shud be a redraw for ragarock
Co-Leader of the Canines
Måîdęñ Øf Thê Whįtė Høršē
Neigh, mothatrucka'
Thanks cef and artists Smile
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
wow the monsters are so awesome
thanks for the update and the monsters are awesome Smile
nicly done
[Image: 150px-Madara321.png]

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