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Version 2.1.5 Beta
* 107 New monsters added to the game (can be seen at the bottom of the thread) and 9 monsters images updated

---- Image updated monsters: 1122: Angpsy, 1125: Bossang, 1140: Sepra, 1141: Serptychc, 1619: Helioptile, 1639: Wappa, 1624: Drapkin, 1625: Pupgon, 1626: Pumpagon

* New full featured stat calculator coded. This tool is supposed to work as you are in battle, which mean full stats.

---- First load the monster then click update to see stats
---- Stat Calculator :

* How to play, quick tutorial added to the home page and also as an in-depended page

---- How to play Monster MMORPG:

* New rules page added to the game and also hot linked with an icon from chat screen

---- Game rules:

* Voting sites count decreased significantly

* All monsters on maps re-assigned

* All monsters default abilities re-assigned

* All NPCs and their monsters re-assigned

* Currently not available to catch monsters can be seen at below (they may still be obtainable with transformation)


* Credits page updated with row numbers also more artists added


* Main navigation menu bar and some hot links at the footer and header updated

* For the weekend 200% EXP & Gold bonus event started

* Home page load time decreased with performance tuning

* Here 107 new monsters from 9 new volunteer artists

[Image: 1645-Makita.png] [Image: 1646-Hanumaki.png] [Image: 1647-Thanatix.png] [Image: 1648-Kereon.png] [Image: 1649-Thanayami.png] [Image: 1650-Lupred.png] [Image: 1651-Lupoon.png] [Image: 1652-Nebusteria.png] [Image: 1653-Helion.png] [Image: 1654-Astrum.png] [Image: 1655-Velosaur.png] [Image: 1656-Wyvelo.png] [Image: 1657-Xenotigri.png] [Image: 1658-Dontigra.png] [Image: 1659-Clepyri.png] [Image: 1660-Cleobis.png] [Image: 1661-Cleora.png] [Image: 1662-Snatchquapp.png] [Image: 1663-Snatcheel.png] [Image: 1664-Moraydon.png] [Image: 1665-Alpschnuck.png] [Image: 1666-Frosticapra.png] [Image: 1667-Pristey.png] [Image: 1668-Pristeon.png] [Image: 1669-Crusty.png] [Image: 1670-Crustai.png] [Image: 1671-Mustly.png] [Image: 1672-Kleptermine.png] [Image: 1673-Furpin.png] [Image: 1674-Altrupine.png] [Image: 1675-Buzzcoon.png] [Image: 1676-Buzzpy.png] [Image: 1677-Noctamoth.png] [Image: 1678-Womnap.png] [Image: 1679-Munbat.png] [Image: 1680-Vombatix.png] [Image: 1681-Serpensiris.png] [Image: 1682-Flippirin.png] [Image: 1683-Pirus.png] [Image: 1684-Flamlu.png] [Image: 1685-Flamliza.png] [Image: 1686-Flamguanados.png] [Image: 1687-Luphaterasu.png] [Image: 1688-Thealoe.png] [Image: 1689-Luphea.png] [Image: 1690-Faburr.png] [Image: 1691-Puffkat.png] [Image: 1692-Nupleon.png] [Image: 1693-Danxonite.png] [Image: 1694-Pandin.png] [Image: 1695-Pandang.png] [Image: 1696-Panddist.png] [Image: 1697-Lampera.png] [Image: 1698-Ampesaur.png] [Image: 1699-Flamoss.png] [Image: 1700-Shellmagmo.png] [Image: 1701-Flariarge.png] [Image: 1702-Khanwhibon.png] [Image: 1703-Griin.png] [Image: 1704-Tanokoon.png] [Image: 1705-Errtrest.png] [Image: 1706-Petangel.png] [Image: 1707-Phamtomet.png] [Image: 1708-Solux.png] [Image: 1709-Rogg.png] [Image: 1710-Rapasoaic.png] [Image: 1711-Minpire.png] [Image: 1712-Dathpire.png] [Image: 1713-Dreadpire.png] [Image: 1714-Golian.png] [Image: 1715-Centrioid.png] [Image: 1716-Keewee.png] [Image: 1717-Silkeon.png] [Image: 1718-Moil.png] [Image: 1719-Imbie.png] [Image: 1720-Hideow.png] [Image: 1721-Shinimori.png] [Image: 1722-Rootush.png] [Image: 1723-Gekill.png] [Image: 1724-Gilandracer.png] [Image: 1725-Cuckat.png] [Image: 1726-Cuckoot.png] [Image: 1727-Cuckrazy.png] [Image: 1728-Lizking.png] [Image: 1729-Bubay.png] [Image: 1730-Subrimer.png] [Image: 1731-Nutzeed.png] [Image: 1732-Beebaron.png] [Image: 1733-Cleavenot.png] [Image: 1734-Ovuleed.png] [Image: 1735-Bivuleja.png] [Image: 1736-Zarmbigo.png] [Image: 1737-Bizarmbo.png] [Image: 1738-Talizarmbo.png] [Image: 1739-Ohasis.png] [Image: 1740-Twigtish.png] [Image: 1741-Katamurash.png] [Image: 1742-Ilbatish.png] [Image: 1743-Pherfan.png] [Image: 1744-Correefa.png] [Image: 1745-Magineral.png] [Image: 1746-Hanaken.png] [Image: 1747-Harasnake.png] [Image: 1748-Gorgarnet.png] [Image: 1749-Medichump.png] [Image: 1750-Pinokiuos.png] [Image: 1751-Mystrovous.png]
You actually got neliora's fakemon!!!!! THat's awesome!!!!!
(2013-07-13, 10:29 PM)SparrowHawk Wrote: You actually got neliora's fakemon!!!!! THat's awesome!!!!!

yes one of the best artists on da
this is just the beginning hopefully i will try to get permission for more Big Grin  if i can get ^^
Haha good luck. There are lots of good ones on DA.
We can't enter three digit numbers on the tp section in the stat calculator?
(2013-07-13, 10:38 PM)Prysma 2 Wrote: We can't enter three digit numbers on the tp section in the stat calculator?

ah let me fix that


* Voting sites count decreased significantly
Very awesome designs, kudos to you on this time Cefurkan and the design team, if any of them made a few, thanks for the new feature plus lowering voting sites, some new members were saying it was too big of a list. Also good to see a beginners help section, now we can point them to that as well as the beginner guides to PvP and other stuff. Look forward to more improvements as the team & you finish, love this Exp & Gold boost events x3

In the chat rules at the game site you added rule #1 [2 times], the "No Spamming" rule
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awesome looking monsters, seems like the game just keep growing Big Grin way to go CeFurkan + Artists Smile
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
very nice monsters Big Grin thank you very much CeFurkan!
Viva La B.P.C! Many Enter, few Leave!

[Image: rainbowsig_zpsb55967d0.jpeg]
yay, event Big Grin
after you get regular number count of monsters, there will be new ancients added right? Big Grin @CeFurkan
Viva La B.P.C! Many Enter, few Leave!

[Image: rainbowsig_zpsb55967d0.jpeg]
awesome things looking amazing Smile
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
So awesome new Mons , and thx for the Event ! ^^
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Nice new monsters!

I just noticed that Helioptile had an art redo, but since it's an official Pokémon (I didn't see him before), might I recommend changing his name to Reptelios? It has the same components in the old name (Helios, reptile). I like the new art, though, and it's a step in the right direction! Big Grin
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CoolBig Grin
cool new monsters
awesome design ,keep up with good work so game grows faster
Love the new monsters i know quite a few are going to be a part of my secondary team as soon as humanly possible XD  

Thanks for all the hardwork cerfukan and artists as well!
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