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Version 2.1.4 Beta
Monster MMORPG V 2.1.4 Deployed - Change Logs

* 83 New monsters added to the game
---- The good part is we have new artists this means more monster possibilities at the future Smile
---- Total number of contributor monster artist count increased to 38
---- These artists can be seen at credits page

* Very special weekend event started with 300% EXP and Gold boost
---- This event will probably finish this tuesday - 9 July

* All monsters on maps re-assigned

* All monsters default abilities re-assigned

* All NPCs and their monsters re-assigned

* Currently not available to catch monsters can be seen at below (they may still be obtainable with transformation)

* MonsterDex now displays 100 monsters per page

* 3 Monsters images updated
---- #980 Flicey, #955 Falcipy, #1501 Behemoth

* Here the newly added monsters

[Image: 1562-Trapvine.png] [Image: 1563-Antzar.png] [Image: 1564-Giantant.png] [Image: 1565-Marshpe.png] [Image: 1566-Marshnipe.png] [Image: 1567-Mapin.png] [Image: 1568-Mapood.png] [Image: 1569-Salember.png] [Image: 1570-Salflame.png] [Image: 1571-Chillurk.png] [Image: 1572-Viniro.png] [Image: 1573-Ferncera.png] [Image: 1574-Terratops.png] [Image: 1575-Muntica.png] [Image: 1576-Loligeist.png] [Image: 1577-Gorgella.png] [Image: 1578-Hexarena.png] [Image: 1579-Spigrim.png] [Image: 1580-Felri.png] [Image: 1581-Auramus.png] [Image: 1582-Armagourdadon.png] [Image: 1583-Anenimous.png] [Image: 1584-Machokarp.png] [Image: 1585-Blastray.png] [Image: 1586-Aledhair.png] [Image: 1587-Anubi.png] [Image: 1588-Amerubian.png] [Image: 1589-Chipip.png] [Image: 1590-Squirleep.png] [Image: 1591-Treeumph.png] [Image: 1592-Flamew.png] [Image: 1593-Torchat.png] [Image: 1594-Soleon.png] [Image: 1595-Elefount.png] [Image: 1596-Swellephant.png] [Image: 1597-Deluphant.png] [Image: 1598-Larvurm.png] [Image: 1599-Pupod.png] [Image: 1600-Dawnarch.png] [Image: 1601-Glamoth.png] [Image: 1602-Chicute.png] [Image: 1603-Choriole.png] [Image: 1604-Nitenade.png] [Image: 1605-Greenjay.png] [Image: 1606-Pinejay.png] [Image: 1607-Viridijay.png] [Image: 1608-Stalageon.png] [Image: 1609-Gladileo.png] [Image: 1610-Spookeon.png] [Image: 1611-Bearserk.png] [Image: 1612-Kentundra.png] [Image: 1613-Apokrifall.png] [Image: 1614-Astravel.png] [Image: 1615-HeroPhoenix.png] [Image: 1616-Coroneon.png] [Image: 1617-Cetini.png] [Image: 1618-Delfinoan.png] [Image: 1620-Dilosun.png] [Image: 1621-Dividad.png] [Image: 1622-Multimum.png] [Image: 1623-Freezaco.png] [Image: 1624-Drapkin.png] [Image: 1625-Pupgon.png] [Image: 1626-Pumpagon.png] [Image: 1627-Rasture.png] [Image: 1628-Rabrupt.png] [Image: 1629-Raminant.png] [Image: 1630-Bunel.png] [Image: 1631-Illubit.png] [Image: 1632-Insabit.png] [Image: 1633-Loompa.png] [Image: 1634-Flarisk.png] [Image: 1635-Flarage.png] [Image: 1636-Scadol.png] [Image: 1637-Sirdol.png] [Image: 1638-Madol.png] [Image: 1639-Wappa.png] [Image: 1640-Chappa.png] [Image: 1641-Multilin.png] [Image: 1642-Pugly.png] [Image: 1643-Pugrown.png] [Image: 1644-Pugerior.png]
yay, thanks for boost Smile
very nice features, love the new monsters! some of them dont look like the tier they are in!! but nice and thank you!
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replied ! !

thanks for the update Big Grin
the pea looking thing looks cute :3
very cool, i enjoy the frequent updates!  searching for the new legendary now Smile

username - broly
Cool! can't wait!
new zeniths! yay!
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Very awesome, I do not care about evolution pokemon art cause if nintendo did not do it then it is okay with me x3 , like the new zeniths and legend, the new monsters are awesome also. Thanks Cefurkan and the design team, now to go to the new spot to get Sarcuda on it's new spot on Rout 103 and event boost on XD

HeroPhoenix Does not display encounter maps, it goes to the link but just shows all the maps, the only way it shows it is if you type in the monsters ID number on the search bar Cefurkan.
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good update and thx for event Wink
[Image: attachment.php?aid=446]
thx for the update
awesome Smile iam gonna go grinding
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
These mons are awesome ! and not even copies from pokemons *heart*

Except for the plusle and minun mons.
Lots of cool monsters in this update!

(2013-07-07, 05:35 PM)Arlaxeon Wrote: These mons are awesome ! and not even copies from pokemons *heart*

Except for the plusle and minun mons.

Aw, stop, they're fake evos. Big Grin
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Why do i see plusle
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