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Version 2.1.0 Beta
* 120 New monsters added to the game. At the below of this message you can see them

* 5 Monsters images updated (replaced with better new ones)

* All monsters on all maps re-assigned

* All NPCs on all maps re-assigned

* 250% Bonus event started for weekend (don't worry hopefully following each week have)

* Currently not available to catch monsters can be seen at below (they may still be obtainable with transformation)


And here comes the new monsters ^^

[Image: 1354-Cavallen.png] [Image: 1355-Fallahan.png] [Image: 1356-Cryptise.png] [Image: 1357-Grum.png] [Image: 1358-Enorm.png] [Image: 1359-Floraffe.png] [Image: 1360-Girbloom.png] [Image: 1361-Lumbraffe.png] [Image: 1362-Turtorrid.png] [Image: 1363-Turtorch.png] [Image: 1364-Briortoise.png] [Image: 1365-Drippo.png] [Image: 1366-Muppo.png] [Image: 1367-Mupporain.png] [Image: 1368-Checkip.png] [Image: 1369-Chichep.png] [Image: 1370-Watpod.png] [Image: 1371-Betle.png] [Image: 1372-Aechtuoth.png] [Image: 1373-Nurrywot.png] [Image: 1374-Robustile.png] [Image: 1375-Vigorewt.png] [Image: 1376-Ospry.png] [Image: 1377-Nimbird.png] [Image: 1378-Brisrprey.png] [Image: 1379-Droopup.png] [Image: 1380-Droodle.png] [Image: 1381-Snuboodle.png] [Image: 1382-Glidish.png] [Image: 1383-Parrogill.png] [Image: 1384-Fennup.png] [Image: 1385-Furfox.png] [Image: 1386-Fennihound.png] [Image: 1387-Eleasel.png] [Image: 1388-Crawlagmyte.png] [Image: 1389-Gropulse.png] [Image: 1390-Grosgust.png] [Image: 1391-Nausty.png] [Image: 1392-Awshroom.png] [Image: 1393-Awfungus.png] [Image: 1394-Waflame.png] [Image: 1395-Flamamoth.png] [Image: 1396-Cornal.png] [Image: 1397-Huskune.png] [Image: 1398-Locusk.png] [Image: 1399-Biltune.png] [Image: 1400-Trumbil.png] [Image: 1401-Raveral.png] [Image: 1402-Savicious.png] [Image: 1403-Aligila.png] [Image: 1404-Gilabre.png] [Image: 1405-Serpid.png] [Image: 1406-Serpyrant.png] [Image: 1407-Moniterra.png] [Image: 1408-Donkish.png] [Image: 1409-Doggedack.png] [Image: 1410-Maglett.png] [Image: 1411-Blye.png] [Image: 1412-Demoblye.png] [Image: 1413-Cilera.png] [Image: 1414-Cileri.png] [Image: 1415-Cilerulic.png] [Image: 1416-Captivine.png] [Image: 1417-Quadrivine.png] [Image: 1418-Quadrivour.png] [Image: 1419-Dynamine.png] [Image: 1420-Brawllop.png] [Image: 1421-Bruthud.png] [Image: 1422-Clobbrute.png] [Image: 1423-Lushoot.png] [Image: 1424-Luxuridos.png] [Image: 1425-Laffon.png] [Image: 1426-Leagon.png] [Image: 1427-Seadrigone.png] [Image: 1428-Parashok.png] [Image: 1429-Parakute.png] [Image: 1430-Herbisaur.png] [Image: 1431-Clorasaur.png] [Image: 1432-Prifish.png] [Image: 1433-Clowala.png] [Image: 1434-Jugwala.png] [Image: 1435-Trapalla.png] [Image: 1436-Sealin.png] [Image: 1437-Sealrus.png] [Image: 1438-Fossear.png] [Image: 1439-Zemur.png] [Image: 1440-Dracies.png] [Image: 1441-Aguagon.png] [Image: 1442-Nautalisk.png] [Image: 1443-Phantot.png] [Image: 1444-Phantisma.png] [Image: 1445-Wriasma.png] [Image: 1446-Scrab.png] [Image: 1447-Scrobster.png] [Image: 1448-Slobster.png] [Image: 1449-Froscat.png] [Image: 1450-Arcatic.png] [Image: 1451-Crestilian.png] [Image: 1452-Crestavian.png] [Image: 1453-Crestadon.png] [Image: 1454-Trophue.png] [Image: 1455-Chalicast.png] [Image: 1456-Shuzal.png] [Image: 1457-Burzal.png] [Image: 1458-Werezal.png] [Image: 1459-Grawsora.png] [Image: 1460-Namagon.png] [Image: 1461-Arxon.png] [Image: 1462-Ookichia.png] [Image: 1463-Liahyet.png] [Image: 1464-Liahyeti.png] [Image: 1465-Arizox.png] [Image: 1466-Geolite.png] [Image: 1467-Nrakros.png] [Image: 1468-Ribblue.png] [Image: 1469-Bababoom.png] [Image: 1470-Drawinard.png] [Image: 1471-Calusian.png] [Image: 1472-Humusian.png] [Image: 1473-Nigusian.png]
great work cef Big Grin
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=447]
Awesome update Cef! The new monsters look awesome.

I'm probably missing something obvious, but which monsters have updated art?
(2013-06-02, 12:34 PM)Cabintom Wrote: Awesome update Cef! The new monsters look awesome.

I'm probably missing something obvious, but which monsters have updated art?

there 5. was lazy to update them here but here their names

best one : 1012-Opalioz
Nice , new monsters look interesting.Big Grin
They're awesome !
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good job!!! this game is more interesting to play that's why i love this game Smile thanks cef
[Image: 30hpxzl.jpg]
My drabaty is so cute <3

Yay Smile

Nice new monsters too Smile
Nice job Cef.
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Two of them look like frokie.
(2013-06-02, 03:13 PM)shadowolf22 Wrote: Two of them look like frokie.

wow nice catch :d actually they are designed as its next forms but ofc we can not add frokie because of trademark issues
awesome but the event is kinda late but its great Smile
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
No matter what nintendo does, these 2 are better... especially the first one..
Yay a crocodile monster!!!! Now to catch it!!!
Awesome new monsters! Big Grin
these monsters look sick 

when i get back to playing the game ill be sure to catch some of these
[Image: SamurottGSig.png]
Dont mess with the Samu or else you'll be left to rott in the Sanzu.
Credits go to SparrowHawk for the amazing sig.
if only i was still playing. lol
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