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Updated 7-21-2012 L.A.W.'s Lucky Lottery! (Monster giveaway)
[Image: 16auzox.jpg]

Current number of participants

Fendark: 8

Ionoule: 8

Minimum required:15 each

Welcome all MMORPG players! Announcing something HUGE.
From now till August, every Friday in the English chat thread I will be having a lottery to give away one excellent PvP monster. For example one like this. Big Grin
All you have to do to win the prizes like this is be on the English chat each Friday until August between 5:30pm and 6:30pm my time (which you can find at this link)
and choose the closest number to the correct number I have chosen. That's all... it's that easy guys! (this lottery is free to join)

Also for a special bonus the first weekend in August I will be having a lottery that Saturday and Sunday for Ancients! One each day. This lottery will be different and longer than one hour so that we may encompass more people who want to participate. The powerful Fendark on Saturday and The amazing Ionoule on Sunday. There is only one stipulation for this lottery besides the timing, to be eligible for the lottery you will need to do one 325,000 gold donation to me for each day. So if you want to enter for both days it will only cost you 650,000 gold! An Ancient for 325,000 gold you say?!?! What a steal!! (Remember if people dont enter it makes it that much more likely for you who do enter to win!) Now if you are thinking "Kole I don't have 325,000 gold to enter this lottery." I have a solution for you. Look at this map and go harvest some Alacalipse... (three alacalipse with the vote will give you over 325,000 gold easily) If anyone has any comments or concerns please feel free to comment or send me a pm at this in game link ! Have a great time everyone.

Important update

Ok I have had some people asking about the Ancient lottery. Particularly about when they can donate the gold to join. Well to clear the air I want to post an update. There must be a mininum of 15participants for each the Fendark lottery and the Ionoule lottery for the event to take place that day. I will post on the main post a counter to let everyone know how many have signed up. Also I have decided to make this lottery a 24 hour lottery so you will need to P.M. me with your numbers. The number range will be posted closer to the date of the actual event. I hope that many of you decide to participate in this awesome ancient lottery that is taking place.

Again the ancient lottery will be held on August 4th and 5th only. The cost to submit a number into the pool of guesses is 325,000 gold for each day(limit one number guess per participant).
gold collecting, monster collecting or real money involved things are completely prohibited

thread locked do not open any similar thread again

it is fine though if you give away your own things completely for free

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