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Unique power moves?
Just a simple question, how do unique power moves work?
Unique Power moves - there is one of these moves for each type, and their power varies from monster to monster, but stays consistent between the moves.

Let's say my Piraid has a Unique Power of 73 - Bug.

(Are we still keeping track of the -type-?  That is strange.)

Then the bug type UP will have 73 power.  And the Psychic...  and the Dark... and the Dragon, etc.  c:  Hope that helps!
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how do you determine Unique power? also my Kuraimi says its unique power type is normal but the move in question is a Fight type move that says its power is based on monsters unique power, that being said is it still considered a Fighting type move? or does the moves typing change to normal?

Edit: nevermind found what the unique power score was on the monster description page.
well I'll still tell you how it's determined...a monster's unique power is 1/2 it's total uv's
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Yeah, there's alot of information on the Monster description page.  But thanks for the question.  c:
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I guess this is the biggest reason I am now confused.
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In this first fight the monster I was fighting had 25 defense, was weak to Fight (%200) and my monsters unique power is 135

Not to mentian getting STAB.

I thought that it only doing 215 was a little low but I went with it when this happend.

[Image: monstermove2.png]
In this battle, not only was the enemy monsters defense higher(same lvl in both) but this monster was not weak against dragon and yet some how it did triple the damage 639>215 despite Draco slashes 103 base power(compared to the supposed 135 of the timed punch) and the fact that it wasn't a STAB move. 

After seeing all this I was beyond confused and well. . . .still am.
if move is based on unique power, that move type is ignored. your monster unique power type is used
Given what Cef said above,

It sounds like I was incorrect.  All Unique Power moves have the same power and type.  I also believe they are all special-based attacks.  Which would explain why Kuraimi wasn't hitting so hard.  His Special Attack stat is 50, and his Attack stat is 390.  Tongue

I want to double-check on the Special-category, but it seems that the move list disappeared along with the test server.  lol
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Unique power moves typically work by providing a character with a special ability or attack that sets them apart from other characters in a game or story. These moves are often distinct to each character and can be a defining aspect of their gameplay or narrative role.

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