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Umm I was making an observation of the english used for one of the moves my solord can learn by leveling up, i don't know if its a misinterpretation or a typo error. Please check and see if there must be any changes made.

[Image: 4ab640cb58ed8813afd342449a09e628.jpg]
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This move increases the move using monster's Evasion stat by 2 stages. Meaning, Solord gains 2 stages in Evasion.

It's just missing one word, grammatically speaking. Other than that, it's perfectly fine.
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This move increases the monster's evasion by 2 stages.. 
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"The move increases the move using monster's Evasion stat 2 stages"
"Move using monster" as in "move-using monster" as in "the monster that used the move." I believe "user" would be a better word for it.
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