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Turkish and English Chat
Alright, users from the English Chat have been speaking English in the Turkish Chat countless times now. It's either you learn Turkish or stay out of it. Leave the Turkish [CM]s alone, they will ban you.

The English [CM]s will enforce this rule more. One of the Turkish [cm]s are annoyed by the amount of english that's used in their chat. It's time to stop. All users will start to be banned from chat if they continue to use English in other language chats. English [CM]s have to go and apologize for not keeping their members in the English Chat.

We know why you go there. Mostly to advertise trades and sales of your monsters.

Google Translate

The Google Translator is not 100% accurate but you can use it. It does switch words around and the others can understand it but it's not really recommended in some spots.

So, instead of using Google Translator, use Google. Google the Turkish Language and learn from it.

Turkish Basics
Turkish Grammar and Sentence Structure

Teach yourselves the Turkish language or stay out of the Turkish Chat. This is your warning.

Trades/Sales Help
Here, some examples of some help with translating trades/sales, also PVP. You can thank Utku34 for this.

selling 100 level dimagem = 100 level dimagem satılıktır

buying 100 level dimagem = 100 level dimagem alınır = 100 level dimagem satan var mı?

who wants pvp = pvp isteyen?

100 level dimagem for trade = 100 level dimagem takaslıktır

100 level dimagem on trade, u can offer from bazaar = 100 level dimagem takastadır, pazardan teklif yapın

pm for offers = tekliflerinizi pm atın

I Need Help In English Chat, we need a cm = ingilizce sohbette yardım lazım, bi cm gelebilir mi

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