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Transforming the Donation Process: Monster Credits
Rewards for donation are manually given. You have to send CeFurkan a PM asking for the monster you want, and then he has to program it into your account himself. I've thought up a way to automate that and put the control in the player's hands without making major changes to the system: Monster Credits!
This isn't so much a premium currency as it is an in-game counter for donation credit (which is already a premium currency as it is). It will display regardless of whether you have any or not, right below the gold. (The walking and PVP request buttons will have to move up, but we have plenty of space for that.) Like donation, Monster Credits will be purchased through PayPal (like most premium currencies on games like this). All of the prices for different rewards will be the same as the current donation prices.

Exchange Rates
The credit system will use a rate of "1 cent = 1 credit". This is to cover the Emissary donation prices, which are set at $7.50 apiece (750 credits).

$0.01 USD = 1 Monster Credit
$1.00 USD = 100 Monster Credits

Old Features that will be Automated

Paying for Monsters
: There will be a button on the monster's Dex page that will let players purchase that monster for the price set by its class. There could be two buttons: one with the normal price that gives a Level 60 monster, and one with the 250 credits added to the price that awards the Level 100 monster. Clicking either button will lead the player to a menu where they can select the nature of the monster. Once the nature has been selected, credits will automatically be deducted from the player's account and the monster will be added to the player's storage.

Maxing out UVs: The Credits Shop (explained later in the post) will stock items that can max out one or all of a monster's UVs.

Basic [Insert Stat Here] UV Shot: 100 points ($1, works on Regulars through Legendaries)
Basic All-UV Shot: 500 MC ($5, works on Regulars through Legendaries, cheaper than buying 6 one-stat shots)
Powerful (Insert Stat Here) UV Shot: 125 MC ($1.25, works only on Ancients)
Powerful All-UV Shot: 750 MC ($7.5, works only on Ancients)

Purchasing Credit: The Donation Page can be re-purposed to add Monster Credits to an account instead. A logged-in player could type in the amount in USD they want to pay, or they could select increments.

Possible Increments

Old Features that will stay Manual for now

Nature or Ability Changes: There are just too many abilities and natures for it to be an easily used feature for monsters that already exist. It could be possible to introduce a credit item that brings the player to a Nature/Ability Select page, but I'm not sure if it could be programmed as easily as it would for a newly purchased monster. This should be programmed if possible, but if not, then it should stay manual.

Titles: Donator Titles and Custom Titles will have to stay manual. A hidden counter that tracks cumulative Credit purchases could automatically award Donator Titles, but Custom Titles would still require CeFurkan's direct intervention.

New Features

Credit Shop: This is a new shop for exclusive items that can only be purchased with credits. Maxing UVs will be automated through this feature, and powerful Held Items can be sold here as well.

Selling and Trading in the Bazaar for Credits: Players will be able to sell their monsters and items in the market for gold, credits, or either. Trade offers of monster credits will also be available. Since the currency is non-refundable, this feature will not affect the problem of players selling monsters for real-world money.

Access to Non-Paying Players

Tournaments: This should be an easy feature, as CeFurkan already awards donation credit to the winners of official tournaments. It would just be in Monster Credits instead.

Exclusive Quests: Very difficult quests could be available that award Monster Credits on completion. Depending on the difficulty of the quest, it could award up to 100 credits. Exclusive, limited-time quests may award even more. These special quests would only be available to players of certain ranks. The higher your rank, the harder and more rewarding quests would become.

For extra security, players may need to enter their password when purchasing items or monsters with Monster Credits or credit items.

I understand that all of these features would take a very long time to code, so I won't expect them until mid-V4 or later. However, I do think that Monster Credits will make the game more enriching, put more power into the players' hands, and take a load of donation work off of CeFurkan's shoulders. What do you think?
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These are such beautiful ideas....why haven't we met before???
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(2014-01-25, 12:07 AM)ch17175 Wrote: These are such beautiful ideas....why haven't we met before???

Because I've been very inactive until recently. :3
WHEN FIRST I APPEAR, I SEEM MYSTERIOUS! But when explained, I'm nothing serious. :3
Find me on deviantART, FanFiction, or YouTube!
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I like the ideas TT, and agree with you mostly everywhere, if not everywhere.. hehe Smile
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You got my supportSmile
TexasToast back in action, great idea
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