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Too much friendship?
Hi guys, I have been training my Sandust in the hopes that I can make it a Cresand, but I realized that I need 3780 happiness or so to make that happen. @_@ And when I checked on the shop for the happiness potion, the potions only give boosts of 5 happiness per potion, and so I was wondering whether we could maybe have happiness potions that gave larger amounts of happiness, because having to click 600 times+ for a monster to evolve is somewhat ridiculous in my opinion. Sad
Has anyone else been deterred from training their monster because of either a cost or time restraint for evolution? :/
[Image: 11jozyq.jpg]
yes it requires a bit a lot Big Grin
I did it through happiness potions with one of my monsters... took a while, but it ain't that bad Tongue

Although it would be nice if some kind of happiness/unhappiness super potion boosting 50 or something at a time, got implemented at some point Smile
yup, always seems to be a lot.. have fun tho filling!
Looking forward to making new friends in the new game !!! :))
hello nice to meet you 
good luck to you
Thank you for the article, I see that great friendship.
O? thant you
yes, a lot
tks for share it
hello nice to meet you

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