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To everyone out there.
Yes we had some major trolling issues, we all know. The trolls have been dealt with, yes.

Do not make a thread about moderators or about the trolls.

If you see a troll and a moderator is not present, report the post please. That's why each post have a "report" option on them.

Report it and we will find it and we deal with it and we will ban the troll permanently and the forum will be clean.

If you make a thread about a troll instead of reporting the post, the thread will be deleted.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Hmm.. There are as of no troll problems anymore so I will let this thread roam around forever until it is needed once more which I highly doubt.

Thank you those for cooperating O.o

Alright, we've been getting a lot of adbots and we are having a little technical difficulties getting rid of them.

All users, including mods, please do not comment on the adbots. The Super Mods will delete the posts.
The Reg Mods will ban them.

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