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To Be the Monster Champion [Satiric] Part 1
Part 1-Episode 1

It's an exciting day.  That's at least what you tell yourself as you are about to choose your starter monster.  Little do you know that the choice is actually meaningless, unless you are actually under the terribly misguided belief that your starter monster will actually help you.  It won't.  And the only importance to the decision, is how long it will take for you to realize that your starter is pretty useless.  

Spoiler Alert: You should probably just kill it.  Maybe it can be used as a Held Item for some of your actually good monsters?! 

So you choose Nekitten.  You meet your rival.  He/she has many personalities. At least one of them is evil.  And the other you probably have a crush on.  And you decide to have a battle with your rival, Alex.  

Go Nekitten!  You yell.  A little cat comes out purring in excitement about its first battle. Then suddenly your rival sends out his/her first monster.  You are surprised because you did not know that one of the personalities of your opponent speaks fluent Turkish.  And all of asudden Nekitten only understands Turkish.  Due to your inability to speak Turkish you lose rather terribly.  You're self-esteem is destroyed.  You say good game.  Alex shakes his/her head at you in complete disappointment of your match skills and walks away.

You look ahead toward the sun wondering what skills you will need to acquire in order to hold your own against Alex and ultimately to be a Monster MMORPG champion.

End Scene

Episode 2

Depressed after your last loss, you decide to take out your rage on your monster.  I mean really!? You just *HAD* to stop understanding me for the first battle.  A dark voice in your head tells you to kill your starter to make it into a nice held item or at least a fur coat, but you don't listen...yet.

Then all of a sudden an Ivyew pokes out of the grass.  In excitement, you feel a coming of redemption.  Maybe if I can capture this Ivyew, I will be able to beat Alex in our rematch!  

Nekitten GO!  You yell.   Grabbing its tail and actually throwing your monster it into battle.  It seems to understand English this time around.  

"Nekitten use Fog!"  

As the battlefield becomes foggy, Ivyew just stares at you like you are completely stupid.  Almost as if it was trying to tell you, that changing the weather will accomplish nothing-NOOB.  

Then you realize Ivyew isn't staring at you, he is giving your Nekitten a "Horrifying Stare".  Besides the fact that Nekitten is immune to normal type moves, that thing is not scary at all, NOTHING SCARY AT ALL about a cute monster staring at you.  Dodgy 

Now Nekitten Squeeze you order.  Squeeeeze Ivyew!  You yell in excitement.  The attack did severe damage.  You smile seeing Ivyew's suffering.  You take a monster box from your bag and throw it!  And bam Ivyew is caught!

You show your mad victory dance skills upon capturing your first monster. And you feel like you can take down any opponent.  And you realize, you HAVE to tell someone about your latest victory.  Scanning the field, you see a small, frail guy with thick glasses and run towards him, yelling, I caught an Ivyew!  I caught an Ivyew.  The guy is dumbstruck.  

You caught an Ivyew!?!  he responds.

Yeah, isnt that a great monster to catch!  you exclaim.

Let me introduce myself, I am Charles and I basically have neither life nor social skills and am blindly willing to follow you where ever you go on your quest to be a Monster chamption!  But please take a seat.  I have some bad news...

You sit down in anticipation of the news.

The monster you kind of sucks.  

Let me explain myself, Charles stutters.  There are essentially six classes of monsters.  Your Ivyew is in the Regular class.

Ohhhhhh!  (you respond with your mouth open).

And then there are Superior monsters....

-You interrupt, oh Superior monsters they must be great too!

No, they kind of suck too, but then there are emissary/starter monsters like your Nekitten says Charles

Oh, so my Nekitten is a great monster right!?!

-Well, no, all starter monsters and most emissary monsters basically suck, but there are Zenith monsters.

Wait, so Zenith monsters are the good ones!  Let me catch a Zenith!

-Well, Zeniths are okay, but then there are Legendary monsters

Oooh, I want to have a Legendary monster!  Where do I find one!  Where do I find one!? you ask excitedly.

-Yeah, well Legendary monsters are okay, but then there are Ancient monsters!

You start jumping in excitement at the prospect of catching an Ancient monster.  

-Calm down Charles tells you.  Let me take you to the local Monster shop and show you around.

You see at every monster shop there is a monster bazaar.  

Wait so I can buy monsters!!!  

Yeah, Charles says reluctantly.  

Then no less than a second later, he hears a voice. Buy my "Legendary" Dimagem he exclaims proudly.  In complete awe over the prospect of owning a super rare *Legendary* monster, you gladly fork over your life savings of 3 million gold for the monster.  The salesman accepts the money with a big grin.  

You turn to Charles and say look, I got a "Legendary" monster!
Charles glances at you saying, you know when they say "Legendary", you know there are a lot of "Legendary" monsters, especially Dimagem.

Why how many Dimagem are there in the game you ask?

Well, I think there are...

You hastily interrupt is there 1 Dimagem in existence?!

No, more....Charles says reluctantly.

Oh, so there's what 3 of them!?!

No-more like 3....thousand.  


Yeah I think your Ivyew is more *Legendary*.

-End Scene

Episode 3
Episode 3:

You got totally ripped off for that “Legendary” Dimagem.  And you decide to take your frustration out on your Nekitten starter.  You think to yourself that it would actually make a great punching bag, if it wasn’t a ghost type monster.  See choosing your starting monster actually DOES MATTER!  

You know, says Charles, it’s kind of cheap to just buy monsters from people instead of catching them yourself.

You’re just jealous you don’t have a Legendary Dimagem, you retort.

Charles stares at you blankly.  

Yeah says Charles, I don’t think you’re supposed to buy high level monsters in the bazaar this early in your quest.  I mean you do want to be a Monster MMORPG Champion right?  

You reluctantly agree to put it back on the market, and get at least some of your life savings back.

You know says Charles, if I am going to be a completely incompetent minor character, I have to lose to you in all of my battles.

You nod in agreement.  Sounds like a challenge you say.

But, says Charles, you will need more monsters if you expect to beat me in a battle.  Why don’t we travel to Crystal Mines and catch some monsters there!

But alas there are no monsters, what should we do Charles?  

No worries, Charles calmly says.  Here is an Attractive Player.  Basically you inject it in your arm and monsters will want to come to you.  

Well, I could inject it in myself, but I don’t really like shots., you tell Charles.

I have an idea! You say in excitement.  You take out your monster box and choose your starter monster and say “Here Kitty Kitty.”  

Of course in your attempt to inject Nekitten with the attractive player shot, Nekitten jumps out in fear and you accidentally inject it in the eye.  

Ehhh….it only needs one eye to do battles for me anyways.  You exclaim.

The three day trip makes you extremely hungry and when you see your first monster, the pepper monster Hopter, you decide you HAVE to catch it.  It would probably make for a good salsa especially its evolved form.  Go Ivyew!  You say.

Ivyew use “Horrifying Stare”!  The Hopter responds with a “Mystic Plant” which copies Ivyew and they engage in an intense staring contest to determine the winner of the battle!  

3 Hours later, you decide enough!  Time to teach Ivyew a new move.  If Regular monsters really are as bad as Charles says they will have to learn self-defense to fight against Ancient monsters.

You look in your bag for items to give Ivyew, among them a grass crystal and some pepper spray.   You decide to give Ivyew pepper spray and tell it to spray Hopter in the eyes!  Ivyew wins the staring contest and you catch a Hopter.  

Then a Normal  trainer comes over and congratulates you on your catch.
It was an exciting battle he says.  Really had me on the edge of my seat!  Hey, you look pretty good, why don’t we have a one-on-one duel?  

You agree.  You send out Hopter and he sends out his Argrub.  

The Normal trainer orders is Argrub to a Psykick and you tell Hopter to use Photosynthesis!  The combination of attacks results in a draw with Argrub unable to subdue Hopter with its attacks.  But before you know it, Hopter lost all of its power points for all of its moves.  And you can’t command Hopter to do anything!

And would theoretically Argrub be able to continue attacking it, it still doesn’t have the strength to knock out Hopter.

You ask the Normal trainer, can’t we call this a draw!?!

No, says the Normal trainer.  You must forfeit or be doomed to my fate and stand in the depths of Crystal Mines FOREVER!

[You stare at the computer screen in frustration for half an hour. You realize the only way to continue playing is to click the forfeit button. And as stupid as you think it is that you didn't *actually* lose the battle, yet the game is forcing you to forfeit the match, you click the button].

End Scene

Episode 4:

Finally you arrive at Progress City.  We're here!  You think to yourself in excitement.  Now let's leave!  Yay!!!!

Charles looks at you...Ummm aren't you going to battle the arena leader.  Isn't that the reason why you came here in the first place?  

Charles, I mean what benefit do you actually get for beating an Arena leader anyways?  And wait...what is the specialty of the Arena leader here anyways?

Umm, I think he specializes in Normal type monsters....

You glance at Charles...Ummm yeah that's a lame excuse for a arena theme.  Okay fire monsters or water monsters, I could be interested in a duel with one of those specialties but normal type monsters?! What a lame excuse for an arena! They aren't even super effective against a single type!  
And wait, if he is an Ancient Arena leader what Ancient monsters does he have anyways?

Charles responds unsurely, "I dont think he has any"

See what I mean you say, Im not going to be a better trainer by beating a lame arena leader whose name is probably Arthur Vincent the fourth.  

Let's leave quickly.  I mean there are so many cooler places to visit.

I always wanted to go to Death Stalker City.  I mean Progress City, seems so utopian and overrated, but at Death Stalker City, I hear that there are numerous shady figures willing to kill you and sell your organs on the black market.  

Charles agrees.  "Death Stalker City is an infinitely cooler than a place called Progress City."

You dash out of Progress City hoping to find your way outside of this incredibly boring zone only to find your passage blocked.  You encounter the Normal Guardian and you as you pass him he stares at you very awkwardly.

You whisper to Charles, "who is this creepy dude?" 

Charles answers, it's a Snorlax.  I mean...I mean its a bodyguard.  You can't pass unless-

You interrupt midway-"I get him some Lemonade from the rooftop of the Celadon City department store, because no other place sells Lemonade in all of Kanto!?!"

No says Charles.  You have to battle him.  " that is why  he is staring at me awkwardly..." you respond.

The Normal Guardian speaks.  I see you wish to pass and you cannot do that unless you beat me in a duel! 

"Wait!" Charles interjects.  I want to show off my subpar battling skills.  
It's a 2 on 2 monster match!  Prepare to face a completely insignificant minor character!

(Battle theme music begins!)

You stare oddly at Charles.  You have never seen him battle someone else before and you're curious at how the battle will turn out.  

You feel conflicted, on the one hand you want to leave this terrible place ASAP and on the other hand you want Charles to lose terribly as a confidence boost to your own battling skills.

Normal Guardian sends out Mantyrant.  
Charles sends out a Flikster!  

"Flikster use Blackfire Sword" he orders with confidence.  
Mantyrant and Flikster are both knocked out instantly.

I see you did that purposely, the Normal Guardian says to Charles.  You will have a much harder time defeating this monster, he says with a grin on his face.

Well obviously says Charles.  If youre just going to throw Zenith monsters at me when I dont even have one, of course I am going to resort to using cheap attacks like Blackfire sword to even the odds.

Go Aquaryo! the Normal Guardian says.  

You interject, wait you're the Normal Guardian and you're not using a single Normal type monster!?! 

I was prepared for this, Charles says.   Vydral I choose you!

You are in complete shock as you had no idea Charles owned an ancient monster.  The Normal Guardian asks Charles, how did you get your hands on an ancient monster?

Charles looks back, well of course I bought one.  What you actually think I would be thick headed enough to spend 2 months searching for one of these guys!? 

I got a job and I bought ten or so ancient monsters from the moderators using one week of wages.

"Thats not fair *expletive* expletive*!" the Normal Guardian exclaims
I spend my entire life on one map and I dont even own a single ancient monster to show for it!   

"Well you are a normal Guardian..." says Charles.

Vydral show them what you're made of with your legendary Class 10 "Bed Bugs" attack!

You interject-Wait!  Bed Bugs thats a Class 10 attack! 

-End Scene

Each part will have 5 or so episodes :-)
Let me know your feedback :-)
Disclaimer: The game is really awesome. And it is not meant in anyway to undermine the amazing work that has been done by the Admins :-).
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My Monster Fanfiction story!
I love it !! <3, can't wait for part 2
[Image: GildartzSigfinished.png]
Be Blinded By My Prowess
Thanks for your support.  Believe me I already have material for Part 2 :-)
[Image: thelegendssigf.png]
The Bloodbath Arena Leader for the Legends Guild.
My Monster Fanfiction story!
it's great uri Big Grin
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=447]
Put it up, it's boring and I want something to read, you always have my support Smile
[Image: GildartzSigfinished.png]
Be Blinded By My Prowess
I appreciate your support :-D.  Ill try and give an update almost daily.  I dont want to be victimized by my own story, i.e burn out, etc. ;-).
Maybe if you guys have ideas for a new character that could be helpful.  :-)

Edit: Since there are 19 badges, Ill try and have anywhere from 3-7 non-arena stories for every one arena battle,
so that it finishes :-).
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The Bloodbath Arena Leader for the Legends Guild.
My Monster Fanfiction story!
Maybe  villain, who steals your badges
[Image: GildartzSigfinished.png]
Be Blinded By My Prowess
LOL way to lengthen out the series 
Already Im signed up for over 100 "episodes" if it doesnt die Undecided

I might just take some creative liberties (there will be less than 19 arenas and I may go out of order as some jokes are very evident to me right now and I cant quite wait), so that I dont kill the thing once I run out of things to poke fun of...

Edit: I probably wont be able to do once a day, I really want to focus on quality rather than quantity.
but I did write up the 2nd episode :-)
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My Monster Fanfiction story!
Thanks so much Cabintom.  I was really nervous about Episode 2 due to its change of style :-)

Just so that I remember for episode 3
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My Monster Fanfiction story!
laugh my butt cheeks off >.>
ivyew is awesome
Big Grin
This is my favorite fanfiction so far.  Can't wait for the next episode....
Sorry...Episode 3 is hard.
Ill start writing it now lol
[Image: thelegendssigf.png]
The Bloodbath Arena Leader for the Legends Guild.
My Monster Fanfiction story!
Episode 3 is up :-)

very nice uri hope u can make more and more Tongue
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
I should clearly make a profit off of this and make people pay gold for episodes lol

I have decided (though I could change my mind) there will be 5 parts and 4 episodes for each part :-)
[Image: thelegendssigf.png]
The Bloodbath Arena Leader for the Legends Guild.
My Monster Fanfiction story!
cool, but this one sounds more evil than funny -_- >.> Tongue
I added a line to the end of Episode 3 in brackets so that the joke is more easily understood.
For those that dont want the line in the end of the episode, its in brackets :-p
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My Monster Fanfiction story!
weely is emissary.
[Image: FeraligatrSig.png]

oh, so that's why it...i'm so dim >.> Tongue
Its cool.

Expect a main character [Charles or that guy from the bazaar] to die in the next episode.  Kidding lol.

Wont be posting the last episode for a bit ;-) as I have other things I have to do 

But hey if anyone has ideas about the story feel free to post below
[Image: thelegendssigf.png]
The Bloodbath Arena Leader for the Legends Guild.
My Monster Fanfiction story!
i'm hungry, i want more -_-
Too tired to write :-).  Besides its the conclusion of Part 1 so it will be exciting.
And will feature one of the strangest battles ever :-p
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My Monster Fanfiction story!
Great! An excellent M3O fanfic... it's been quite a while since Dei's fanfic ended... it was the one I liked the most back then...
Now for this one... The first, ever, second-person thing I have ever read in literature, ever... Even in books,  I've seen 1st and 3rd but this is a first...
Constantly dying yet never dead
Thanks so much for the feedback Rock :-)
The 2nd person thing is hard because you have to make the character not just likable but be inclusive enough to be able to be the reader.  (I imagine a lot of literature doesnt do it-because if they want to promote a theme, they want to persuade you the validity of the theme and making the reader the main character, is a huge risk in alienating the reader).  But since this is meant to be light and entertaining, the only drawback taken is that you can't prescribe the character too many details-you let the reader do that and thats not such a problem :-).
Edit: Expect Part 4 to be up soon :-)
[Image: thelegendssigf.png]
The Bloodbath Arena Leader for the Legends Guild.
My Monster Fanfiction story!
Part 4 is up :-)
part 4 is great Big Grin
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=447]
Missing this
hilarious!! couldn't stop laughingBig Grin

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