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[Image: 2m2tngz.png]
Monster : Titanine
Nature : Hesitant
TPs to train in : 400 Attack/ SpDef 100 / Speed 300
Held Item : Dark Orb
Move-Set : Metal Armor, Body Shed, Mega Fang, Destructive Squeeze
Possible Abilities :

Titanine is a very under-rated monster, its amazing attack power and decent sp.def makes it a powerful force. At start of battle use Metal Armor and/or Body Shed for an amazing boost at the start of battle, If timed correctly Titanine can take on an entier team alone. Its type gives it a good resistance against most monster types. Beware of Fighting-types most of all, its a pain. Unless you added the Metal Armor/ Body Shed boost in the beggining switch out titanine immediatly. Engiron works well with Titanine because it can take out most problems that titanine can encounter mostly fighting types like Masagon who can cause a problem against Titanine. Dark orb is good for healing any small damages that titanine can take, with a good enough def it should be able to cut most damages down to half with Metal Armor.

Overall View:
Titanine is really worth training, once its Metal Armour and Body Shed is placed its a wrecking ball in PvP. Be sure you only use same type attack boost (STAB) moves on it if you want to use anything other than Mega Fang and Destructive Squeeze.
Not Done Yet!
Stratigy made by Ghost/ Virus_zero
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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Thats awesome Man. Great Monster!
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Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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