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This ain't good, i think
Just came back recently, and what do i find?
Them badges gone and whatnot and i guess it ain't the game i liked anymore, i'll just stay away and wait for it to go back to what it was(or maybe better), but i guess it won't.
My first ancient
[Image: daa154e0-1b59-4c7d-ae84-372078000ab3.png]
Al haber gatos no hay ratones
Welcome to the club.
BTW Badges will be cleared regularly to keep people playing. *sigh*
Constantly dying yet never dead
Badges are cleared every 3 months until version 3, just about.
dont woory ur not the only 1 facing this problem many have quit/left and stopped playing cause of it 
but there's its advantages and disadvantages
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
it is only once in a 3 months

more challenging and more equal to new players
I'm very sad to hear that

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