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The status of the game and things about my life
Alright people. Lets put some light on the things.

First of all I am a computer engineer graduated from Istanbul Technical University ( in 2009 : Bachelor of Science (BSc), Computer Engineering

PokemonCraft (now MonsterMMORPG) was my graduation project. Since 2009 i am developing this game. It was pokemon mmorpg but later Nintendo sent us DMCA to shut down. So we shut it down and converted the game with the help of Animatics and Garbagekeeper at the beginning. Now Henrie and others are also helping Smile

At 2010 i started Master of Science (M.Sc.), Computer Engineering in Mersin University ( It is also finished at this summer thanks to Allah. So what i am doing now ? I am still jobless ^^ But i just got accepted at Cukurova University ( Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Nowadays working on selecting courses and registration process etc.

Now if we come to game development. Finalized map names and new move names. Hopefully starting to work on automatic move assignment on monsters software today.

Once automatic move assignment on monsters software done, i will move into automatic monster assignments on maps software. Heatshot made some plannings for these 2 things. We will see together how well it will work. We will test these software on test server and tune them.

Then finally it will be automatic npc assignment on maps software. When these 3 done, we will move to v2. At the version 2, hopefully we will be able to add hundreds of new monsters each week.

These are the news. Until v2 there could be steep reduce at the online players. But these things requires huge dedication and patience. Thanks for supporting us ^^
That's great news, Cefurkan, congratulations on getting accepted into Cukurova University.
Take your time on version 2, the real world always comes first, it is great to hear that version 2 is nearly finished though; most of us have been here since craft so i'm sure waiting a little longer for the update to come is fine with everybody, keep up the great work, Cefurkan!
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Yes, complete agreement. Just keep on trying to get a job ok? ^^
Congratulations on the job!....It is not always easy making the transition from academia to the working world. I think most of us just appreciate your continued dedication to making Monstermmorpg a competitive online resource. You could have just said, "This is it, I've graduated, and I don't have to do anything further with any of this." Thank you for continuing to provide a fun online interaction source for players from around the world!
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Pokemon Craft is nothing compared to what you've done with MonsterMMORPG anyways.
CeFurkan is the greatest game designer everrrrr!! ^^
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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Congratulations and good luck with everything going on in your everyday life! Also, good things take time. Especially a game such as this (Which you've done an AMAZING job with so far) Can't wait for the new updates! Keep up the great work!
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good luck cefurkan . i know the team is working hard
You should add you facebook Smile
(i found it)
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
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great news cf
and really hard work from u
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Congratulation with getting accepted in Cukurova University, wish you luck in our life. Thanks also for making this really amazing, fun and interesting game for everyone around the world. This game gave me chance to meet mane people and become friends with them. Being here since pokemoncraft have shown me how hard you are working. Thanks for everything again cef
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congratulations cef, good luck and I wish you luck in your career.
"A man who's lost his pride can never be free" 
- Ramza Beoulve
Gratz cef and Thanks
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Be Blinded By My Prowess
Grats boss.
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Asalaamu alaikum CeFurkan!

Congratulations on getting accepted into Cukurova University! PokemonCraft was an amazing project while it lasted, and MonsterMMORPG seems to be doing quite well. I haven't been able to play much due to school and stuff, but hopefully I'll be able to get into this game like I did with PokemonCraft. Anyway, both PokemonCraft and MonsterMMORPG show that you have great skills at programming and designing games. I was just wondering whether you're planning on becoming a professional game developer someday (not that you're not a professional already, I mean just look at the education you've received and MonsterMMORPG now haha)? So you can develop games that will be sold for profit? It seems like your strength is computer games (but I only know this from PokemonCraft and MonsterMMORPG, you most probably have strengths in other genres of video games) so maybe you'll be able to work for Blizzard or something and develop a game that becomes world famous like World of Warcraft or something. I know that sounds really big and far away and stuff but I'm just wondering if you have something like this planned down the road, because it would be very interesting if you do.

Anyway, good luck with your studies!
wait... you have a PhD? That's some serious stuff. Nice to know there's a role model about.
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Bumped for a new user to see it Smile
Pretty cool I'm learning some video game design stuff right now. Hey Cefurkan if I could private message you in an email or something I would love to talk to you about some ideas that I have and would like to know if you are interested in working with me on them.

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