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A preview of the story i am writing. editing is not finished and some parts may be altered, but hope you like it so far(:
In a world with elves, fairies, and fire breathing dragons, powerful magic flourished, brave knights, Kings ruled, and mythical creatures roamed the land. A war had been raging for nearly 20 years. The war between two of the strongest clans in the world. A bitter rivalry as one clan fought to desstroy the world and rebuild from scratch and the other clan fighting to protect the world from harm. It was a dark time for all who lived on Earth. A dark evil swept the world, the world was on the brink of destruction, and the battlefield was in ruins. There seemed to be no end to this ongoing battle.

However, a brave man from the Dymid clan, the Magician stood on the front of this war and had been doing so for most of his eternal life. When the war broke out,he, the new head of the Dymid clan, and prince of the land of Yuran, had only just begun his eternal life at the age of seventeen when he had to fight to protect the world, This man and many other nations joined forces to keep peace in the world. This war was a mistake that was for his younger self  to blame.

When he was younger, a mere apprentice and stranger to the world of magic that laid in front of him, he had been given a fortuitous gift from destiny. For destiny gave them the strongest magic wielder to ever bless the earth with his magnificence. A modest, wise older man who belonged to no clan, and didn't believe in good or evil as he remained nuetral. His knowledge, good-nature, and powerful magic that ran throught the blood in his veins than anyone who lived during or before his time. He was known as the eternal mage. 

When the Magician, his best friend the Wizard  and their good friend and great mistake, the Mage, came to train under him and they learned more in 24 hours then most mages learned in a year alone. Everything seemed to good to be true. Sadly, time would prove  that just the case. For one day love began to brew, ambition began to settle, and jealousy took its place.
The day came where the Wizard would fall for the Mage, and while the Mage actually loved the Magician, the Magician was so determined to become the successor to the Eternal mage, that he failed to see the jealousy of the eternal mage. The master challenged his pupils to a contest, to see if they were capable enough in order to claim the title of being his students and becoming masters. It was this challenge that shattered all bonds, that shifted the destiny of the world forever, and bring the great war upon the earth. Their task to break the bonds of mortal men and claim immortality through the use of magic.

No one had ever tried such a dangerous experiment before in the history of the world, and for good reason. Magic was powerful, but not that powerful. When someone tried to use more than he should the side effects could be catastrophic. However these students were not mere peasants. Their strong lineage traced back all the way back to the first mages to ever walk the earth. Even at a young age , the trio were some of the most powerful and feared mages to live; besides their master of course.

The task they had been given was supposed to be done alone and in secret from everyone. Only one of them could graduate as the master and they all wanted to earn the prestigous title. The Magician was so clouded by the prospect of living forever and gaining the title that they were lost in their goal. He never stopped to think what he was doing was wrong. How could he? He was young and naive.

It turned out that it hadn't just been a contest between mere friends. Their master was also working on his own solution. His knowledge, power, and experience with the most poweerful types of magic known to man gave him a strong edge and before any of the others had even thought about the idea of immortality, he began to master it. None of his students would graduate and take his title.  The Immortal Sage would always be the one true master.

In fear that his students may discover the solution, he bagan feeding each of them lies in order to distract them from their work. Eventually the bonds of the three began to crumble slowly, as they gave in to these lies. After fighting with one another over the love of the Mage, the two best friends turnt their back on each other leaving the Mage to decide her side. 

When she sided with the Magician, the Wizard left them in an outrage. Devoting himself in his studies, trying to find the solution to eternal life, and plotted to kill his best friend. The Immortal Sage planned everythign and knew nothing could stand in his way now.

Or, at least that's what he expected to happen. Overwhemed with greed and sorrow,the Wizard happened to stumble upon his master's notes on eternal life. Finding the notes valid he stole them and left the palace in a frantic retreat and found haven in a farm just on the outskirts of the capital city. He began to inscribe his body with strange markings, and infuse himself with magic and spells. Believing he had found the solution, he soon realized all his work was for not, as his solution backfired. So much magical energy had been used in his body that it caused an overload and a large explosion was the affect. 

The explosion had left the capital city where they all lived and studied, in ruins. However, the Wizard had survived the explosion, but he was far from the man he used to be. His body may have survived the explosion, but due to the dark magic he used, his mind went into a deep state of sleep and was lost and had been replaced with a being of pure instinct. What was once a body of flesh, was replaced with a high energy substance that glowed in the dark aftermath. Two doted red eyes. Eyes that looked for prey and needed to feed, yet the only thing that could feed it's hunger was magic.

Thus started the war. The mistake that changed the course of history. The twenty year long battle that took place.

Over the years of feeding and growing stronger, the being had gained intelligence as well. It began to manipulate the weak minded men and women into becoming it's slaves.  Soon it had gathered ninety-five percent of the world under it's control. The combined forces of the fairies, the elves, and man had little hope of winning the fight. They were at the apex of extinction.

Only the Immortal Sage, and his two pupils, stood tall and fought on.
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looks nice, but it would be more awesome if you elaborated Tongue
its too long, lol jk
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who hated it?Huh
THat would be me.I was trollin
[Image: 34fxtdy.jpg]
the prologue isn't over there is alot more to add
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At last, Le Phantom is back... (BTW I finished "forever long" Biohazard. I love the term forever long) -
Fantasy... Fantasy and Magic is the base theme, which are some genres I like Tongue Nothing says solid Magic-Fantasy without clans, sages and elves. Definitely elves.
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