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The Legends Guild Recruiting Contest
Before we have our PVP tournament, we are going to have a 
Recruiting Contest.

The member that recruits the most active members to the guild will receive 10 million Gold*.

Remember we are looking for quality members, i.e members that are active in guild events. 

Restrictions*: To earn the full 10 million, you must recruit at least 10 active members.  If the winner recruits less than 10 members, he/she will be entitled to X million Gold, where X is the number of active members recruited.

Active Member Definition: They must participate in guild activities, examples: collecting guild badges, or posting meaningful messages on the forums (besides the induction post), and/or participating in the upcoming Guild Tournament.

As such the contest will end at the end of the Guild Tournament, which will start in the beginning of May.

Recruiting Contest Leaderboard:
Arlaxeon (1): 
[Image: thelegendssigf.png]
The Bloodbath Arena Leader for the Legends Guild.
My Monster Fanfiction story!
o.o  .....
[Image: 34fxtdy.jpg]
So far Arlaxeon is in the lead :-)Of course I was hoping of giving more than one million gold ;-)
Man if I was around for this....

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