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Haha, the King is Back. I'm a king in my own world so.. shush Dodgy

Anyways, I know no one here knows me much.. I'm just some newbie here in the community. I created a guild called the Golden Archers Guild but I left unexpectedly. I won't be continuing it though.

Well, I'm not totally back, I'll just be popping in from time to time I guess. I have a job and family to take care of ^^ I'm truly interested in MonsterMMORPG.

I would like to ask the community if they could bring me up to date here. I have no idea what's going on. Even if I look around forum, I'm too amazed and still clueless. So, please bring me up to date with all the news and stuff. I'd appreciate it Smile
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Hey....All i know is that we have 2 new ancients and 1 new zenith.New monster images,and the update is suppose to be in a month or 2
We are currently looking for new members of our guild, and we are willing to help people in learning more about this game.

If you are interested in joining our guild, you may sign up here:
im king, lol, averium gave you the update
Welcome back *giggles* Gilgamesh. New status update incoming so be prepared for the big change.
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