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The Dead Land (Vorgana Region Origin Story)
This is the Vorgana region’s (my fakemon region) first storyline and won’t probably be in the actual region. As you know, I have like three storylines for that region, two of which will be played through in the actual game, if there is a game, but the other two… well, they’ll be told straight off the bat! :D

Anyways, that’s the lowdown on this whole thing… but I still need to explain something right? Three stories… but the very first one will affect all the other ones. And that… is what you’ll be hearing today.

The feedback thread can be found here: Clicky


Prologue: The Story

"Gather around, children, and let me tell you a story about our world..." The old storyteller was perched on a mossy chunk of rock. He coughed once and continued. "This world's name is Maliagi... and it is said that if you sailed too far away... you would fall off the very edge into the inky blackness beyond. Few have tried to explore the very edge... they did not return. But let us think of happier things. Do you know how this land was created?" Many of the children sitting in a circle around him shook their heads. "No...? Let me tell you then." The storyteller smiled briefly.

"Maliagi was simply a large floating rock, devoid of water, life, and all these things you see today." He gestured to the ruins that were behind him, and continued. "But before there was a rock, there had to be something that created it. The god of balance, Zatalabe, created the land, out of the world that was from before. Out of the inky blackness flew our good god, the goddess of life, Viebares, who created the oceans, lakes, forests, everything you see. But she missed one thing. Brooding over that one thing that evaded her mind, Viebares perched on the very tallest tree on Maliagi, and watched the dawn. As she watched the sun rise, Viebares saw a black blot on the sun, and realized it was her brother, Mundiro, the deity and guardian of the dead." The storyteller coughed once, and glanced back. It was getting darker as the sun dropped below the horizon, and the shadows were creeping into the clearing. Looking back at the children around him, the old man continued.

"Mundiro was regarded as a grim character, dark, and brooding. But he, for now was amiable and willing to help. Seeing the lifeless land below him as he flew to his sister, Mundiro scoffed. 'Sister, haven't you forgotten? He who holds sway over the dead, also affects the living.' And with that, the guardian gestured with his head towards a section of the forest. Viebares glanced over, and saw many animals jumping around and heard the sound of birdsong. She realized something, and quickly glanced at her brother. He was now two baleful yellow eyes floating in a cloud of darkness. 'I hope you're happy sister... but never forget... they'll all return to me someday... but life and death always come hand in hand, and never separate...' They blinked once, and then disappeared."

"And that how our world started. Through the centuries, many things happened to change Maliagi, but this started it all..." The storyteller trailed off. He blinked, and then suddenly clapped his hands together, startling the children. "It's dark, kids... we should be going home now... Follow me." Taking the hand of the youngest child, the storyteller wound his way towards the small port city on the vast ocean, with lines of children following him.

Chapter One: A Game of Dustball

The racket of a game being played ran through the village. A cloud of dust had been kicked over, and in the cloud, shapes that looked a lot like kids ran around, shouting. They were all headed for one boy, who was smirking, holding a small red ball. The boy was covered in dust from head to toe, and he turned a bit to the side, taunting the other kids.

“Hey Aedan! Throw it here!” A small thin boy shouted at the boy, waving his hands.

“Nah, it’s not like they can, oh, I don’t know… tackle me?” Aedan cockily said, watching the other team of kids slowly inch closer. He tossed the ball up in the air once, and as the eyes of the other players followed it, caught it quickly, and charged straight through the wall the other team had been forming.

“Ack!” One of the girls shrieked as Aedan ran straight by, barreling through the team. They were all too surprised to catch him, and Aedan was long gone, headed for the other side of the village.

A cry went up. “Catch him! We gotta win this!” And then the opposing team changed direction and stomped after Aedan. The fastest ones ran ahead, hoping to catch up, but came up just short. Aedan was simply just too fast for them.

As Aedan ran, he saw a large rock loom into view. It was about three times his height, and was basically a large pedestal. The village leaders sometimes addressed them from there on festivals and parties. And… it was also the finish line for this game. Grinning with victory, Aedan held onto the red ball tighter, and then scaled the rock face. It was pretty easy, and he found a lot of handholds.

“Oh, there he is!” “Ugh! We’ll never catch him now!” “He’s probably going to win…” The groans of the players reached his ears as they got closer. Grinning, Aedan quickly climbed up the last few handholds and stopped. He turned around and stood up straight, holding the red ball up high.

“And with that, I win! Again!” He laughed madly, and tossed up the ball. Catching it deftly, Aedan hopped down the other side of the rock, which was more suited to old councilmen and storytellers, and strolled around to grin at the other children.

“Aedan… you have to tell us how you did it this time!” One of the younger kids eyed him with a degree of awe. Aedan reddened and patted the kid’s head.

“Well… it’s basically… luck, and skill. Try hopping around on those trees outside of the village and you’ll see.” He smiled as he said that.

“Oh, Aedan~” A light voice came from behind him, and Aedan whirled around to see a girl that was slightly older. She had light brown hair like him, and was only a head taller.

“Uh! Sis?!” Aedan goggled at his sister, surprised.

“Uh-huh. Who else?” She shook her head and made a tutting noise. “Why, when have you even started becoming scared of your own sister? Just now, hm?”

“Umm… Hazel? You’re… I mean, you just… like got behind me. No wonder I’m surprised.” Aedan pointed out.

“Fair point.” Hazel skipped on the spot and then a serious look took over her face. “Now that I’m here, I hear that our dear old storyteller’s been looking for you.”

“He’s not old! Ugh, c’mon, he’s only… like what, 30 years old? Honestly!” Aedan pouted at that, and then walked off, headed towards the ruins outside of his village. Back at the rock, Hazel giggled and ran off, a few of the kids following her, the rest scattering to find something else to do.
Just love that!
Chapter 2: The Forgotten Ruins

A light breeze whipped around, sending some leaves rustling up in the branches above. It was already late spring, and the trees were a verdant green, with new shoots branching out of their woody trunks. Underfoot, vibrant purple flowers grew up towards patches of sunlight and ferns waved in the breeze.

The breeze dropped for a moment, and a dark shadow passed through the ground. A snapping noise could be heard and a breath was exhaled in frustration. “Not again!” Aedan was perched in a large tree that had leaves shaped like a feather. “And I thought I had that down!” He hissed to himself, evidently angry, and looked around. “No point in going on any further… I’m almost here anyways. I think it’s just a few more…”

Aedan gripped the branch under him, and swung down to the ground. He hung in the air, and then dropped down, rolling a little. The breeze picked up again, and his hair was whipped around a bit. Huffing, Aedan flipped it away with a finger, and walked into a stand of trees.

Past those trees, a large grand arch stood. Made of a blue smooth rock, it was taller than the trees Aedan just pushed through, and stood proudly. But the arch had seen better days as Aedan picked his way through a pile of marbled blue rocks that had fallen from it through the force of storms, and natural powers. Nearby, a patch of tall blue five-petaled flowers grew, and the boy walked over to it. The petals fluttered in the breeze, begging to be picked.

It was a known custom in the village that when visiting an important person, that you bring them a particular blue flower called the Azure Letter from the forest. Every person who lived in the village knew the forest like it was the back of their own hand, and the Azure Letter was a sign of friendship from one person to another. Aedan crouched and picked the tallest flower from the patch. Holding it carefully in one hand, he quietly walked under the arch and into the ruins of a long forgotten past.

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