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The Collector's Eye
This thread will be the opinion's of some of the collector's and players scattered throughout this great game, it'll focus on cool monsters to own , whether they are designed attractively, effective in pvp or anything else that the monster may offer. Now this is open to any player with an opinion on any monster, not just collector's. Just name the monster, why you like it and why other players might want to consider using it. If possible try to suggest your opinion on the best nature's for the monster if the reason is pvp.
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[Image: 536Nesspark.png] Nesspark
I liked Knost's details so I decided to update mine. I like Nesspark for mostly aesthetic reasons. It was my first level 100. It has pvp potential but unfortunately none of its abilities are useful except for critical novice. So, other electric or water types could replace it. Hopefully when update comes that will change. It uses an electric crystal and is wail nature.

Move Set:
  • Hyper Surf
  • Electrode Spark
  • Boiling Water
  • Hyper Surf
Not so Useful Abilities
  • Flying Master
  • Dark Master
  • Critic Novice
[Image: image]
[Image: 44Ruffial.png]
I love this little guy. One of his abilities is Camouflage which is epic. His other two abilities are so upsetting and mismatched I'd rather not mention their names lol

He has no 1000 acc moves and no priority moves so you would think the PvP player in me wouldn't like him, but he is, by far, my Favorite.

His move set consists of: Lightning Bolt, Darkness ball, Hyper Flame, Relaxing Mind.

And he holds a Fire Crystal.

His name is Ruffio...but you can call him Boss.

"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"

The first monster I will talk about will be one of my personal favourite's, Kingnite .

The first thing I like about Kingnite is his regal name, just thinking about makes me envision a mighty king on top of his war horse, riding into battle. He stands tall above the rest of the warriors, but is humble and honest.

Another thing I like about Kingnite is his overall appearance.
He looks like one of those light heavyweight boxers, with the relaxed look before a title fight. As the fight start's his blazing hair grows brighter and brighter. He clashes his claws together and enters the arena.

The last point I'll make is that Kingnite is in my opinion a very tough emissary and does well in pvp and has 4 pvp nature's in my opinion. Trembling, Verve, Quantum and Mirage.
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[Image: 106Shacaria.png] Shacaria
This is Dimagem's cat. It is good at pvp, it has the same typing as Dimagem, dark and ghost, so it is only weak to light. I give it either a special attack weapon or a ghost orb to regenerate life. Mine is Wail, but I think verve, mirage, quantum, mystic, or even a wall nature would work for it.

Move Set
  • Darkness Orb
  • Predict
  • Ignite
  • Clear Mind
Useful Abilities
  • Accuracy Decreaser
  • Water Immunity (Could be better)
  • Dark Novice

[Image: image]
LOVE me some looks, im my opinion better than any other monster in the game.

Then I have to say Simoly looks pretty cool.

As far as all around use, I enjoy Hipponster for his resistance to most types of damage, and his ability set.

Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you the monster with the attitude, the monster you just can't stare down, the monster with the ability to take a 1 hko from practically any monster.... he is, the one, the only...


(picture too large to insert post image so here is the link:

What does he have? Aesthetics and a confusion immunity... because that's so common in this game... ( WARNING: the last comment written before the brackets was written in Sarcastica)

What is bad about him? He's a wall with 3 4x weaknesses and 3 2x weaknesses. And his abilities are used for offense where his stats can't justify such a strategy.


Concentration Rest
Toxic Bite
Strategy: Poison with toxic bite, hope for burn with ignite, concentrate rest if health gets about half (which probably will be after 1 hit) and bomber to take out whatever monster you want or can.
[Image: 240Miroushon.png] Miroushon
A Very Interesting monster.
I guess many natures are good for it.
But if i had to choose it would be Wail.
I dont pvp or anything. I just like this monster.
And everyone of my friends on here knows it.
So I wouldnt know a good moveset or anything.
So why am I posting here? Because I want to :3
And to show how much i love this guy here. aka Miro

  [Image: Untitled-1_zps54942308.png]
[Image: o9mmip.png]

who's this you may ask?this is kingnite,one of my most favorite mons. although i know little about abilities i do know alot about kingnite

his best natures are:

Preffered Moveset:
Sky slash
Flame punch
Stone blade

Held item(reccomended):Evasion armor
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
So far my favorite monster (and my strongest) is Monsterror! Link to monsterdex page:
I found him while I was looking for a Fighting-Type monster and just knew I wanted him. I don't like his Normal-Type combination, but I'll take it.
Not to mention he's also the first Monster I got that has the attack move Heal. Not only does this kill most of my opponents, but he just keeps healing himself and taking down more of them!
(2012-01-13, 04:55 AM)zacherymatthews Wrote: [Image: o9mmip.png]

who's this you may ask?this is kingnite,one of my most favorite mons. although i know little about abilities i do know alot about kingnite

his best natures are:

Preffered Moveset:
Sky slash
Flame punch
Stone blade

Held item(reccomended):Evasion armor

Rake did kingnite already ;-;
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If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
I have so many likes lol...

The collector in my likes rare, not what the game considers rare, but monsters that not many others own.

These first three i really like since they look so cool in first evo form. Also I am not a huge fan of the evolution art work. They are alright, but the first evo is awesome.
Biteeth - donation only (unless traded) -
Skutle - donation only (unless traded) -
Floatorm - catchable -

My personal favorite for artwork atm is Voodoll. It is just epic!!
Voodoll -

For PvP my favorites are:
Jekyllight -
Hydevil -
Axotogol -

I prefere not to speak on move sets or natures since I think there is to many to list. Versatile monsters they are.
(2012-01-15, 07:52 AM)Snoozn Wrote: Biteeth - donation only (unless traded) -
Skutle - donation only (unless traded) -
Floatorm - catchable -
If you are a Pokemon Craft player, you can get it w/o trading.

Constantly dying yet never dead
yea rake did,but he didnt do moveset and item
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
Say hallo to my friend Smile. Gampha.
This guy is just to good for pvp with only 1 weakness and good stat on defence, sp.defence and Hp.
His only weakness is Bug-types. Which there are only few strong bug-types or monsters that use a bug move. Gampha can be good with a nature of verve,quantum,mirage,trembling and hallucination.

His abilities are just awsome.
Poison Master
Maximum Evasion
Fighting Eager (Famous ability for Gampha. Attack and Sp.Atk stats increases when it kills an monster)

For an quantum/hallucintion nature its moveset would be.
toxic bite (to posion emeny and make damage because of posion master)
lighnting bolt ( powerful stab)
charged ray/air blast
ignite (for 1000 acc move)

for an verve/trembling/mirage nature its moveset would be.
Hidden punch ( Gampha's famous move and for 1000 acc)
vemon punch (to support the ability posion master)
darkest dream
bleed cut

you may change the movesets depending your taste on gampha. Gampha is a little shy killer. Having him in pvp just means you won the battle. However, you need experience to make Gampha a beast in pvp's.

This is why i love Gampha, he is the one that made me get into pvp.
My next spotlight will go to another emissary, Vladepes.

His name alone reminds me of dark nights and spooky old houses. Lived in by harmless looking senior citizens, but the truth is much darker, they are really a creature of the night, stalking for blood.

He has abilities that suit him perfectly for emissary pvp, wiht attack master and attack gainer, he can quickly and easily get tough to bring down

I don't necessarily like some transformed monsters looks but vladepes makes it work, with his blood soaked wings and evil glare.

The best nature's for him in pvp in my opinion would be trembling and momentum and possibly hallucination.

For move set's it differs on the nature, but he can support 3 1000 acc moves making evasion mon's everywhere sleep a little less easy.
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[Image: 80Frilla.png] Frilla
Frilla is a good pvp monster I like him because few people use him. Some of his abilities are useful
  • Rock Immunity
  • Speed Decreaser
  • Fire Master
He is weak to ground and light and resistant to ghost, dark, bug, and grass. His main pvp draw is from his move Poison Cloud that increase attack +1 accuracy +1 and Defense +1. He is a great physical wall capable of defeating evasion strategy.
Move set
  • Poison Cloud
  • Toxic Fang
  • Chomp
  • Dragon Strike
Best natures
  • Verve
  • Mirage
  • Or a wall nature
[Image: image]
thread revive!
[Image: image]
My next monster to receive the adoration of the fans will be the always entertaining rockoal.

[Image: 476Rockoal.png]

like any trustworthy stead rockoal dedication to it's master is legendary.

in my mind i see great general's riding proud through the battle field on the back of a rockoal, one hand clasping a sword, the other pointing to the enemies open gates.

The Rockoal rears back, crashes down, flames flooding from it's hooves as it blazes down the path way, the allies see rockoal's display and make a final push, driving the enemies of their land.

Rockoal reminds me of a horse, goat combination, who's fire and untamed power lure strong trainer's to him, like a proud stead , this monster bring's all his fiery attitude to the battle, but at the same time rockoal's rock hard ambition and drive steer it to it's goal.

As for pvp i am unsure of good nature's, it has a nice moveset in my opinion and of course, is awesome looking and like every other monster, offer's it's own unique personality.

So if your a fan of horses, goat's or just like monster's, rockoal is a solid addition.

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I like hydevil cause he was my first succesful transformation monster i didnt give up on.
[Image: 464Hydevil.png]

Super Beam
Careful Strike
Shadow blade
Lightning Bolt
[Image: 144Yetee.png]
This fluffy guy is my next Collector's eye.

Yetee of course brings back fond childhood memories of Chill Out Scooby Doo , and of course the stories of a big foot living in the Himalayas. Yetee to me looks kind of like it's waiting for a friend, and everyone in game should want to be it's friend seeing as Yetee is not only good for pvp, but has a cool look. Of course Yetee's shouldn't be underestimated, as they will fiercely protect their young.

Yetee is the highest HP monster in the game, which means almost any wall nature would be good for it. Especially nature's like mirage, debonair, discreet , etc..

The best yetee's i've seen have a few things in common
1) Stone Skin (raises defence and sp defence by 2 stages up to 2000)
2) Knife Dance (raises attack up to 2000)
3) double time ( to raise evasion)
4) either a physical move like stone blade or sky slash for 1000 acc

Anyone who likes cool monster's or likes zenith's , i strongly recommend checking out Yetee

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[Image: 441Poltevil.png] Poltevil

Poltevil is great at pvp. For some reason he only has one eye but that doesn't stop him. His abilities are very useful

  • SpDefense Master
  • Accuracy Master
  • Defense Expert
He has potential to be a great wall or an attacker. He has a great moves set but he is lacking some type coverage.

Moves for Verve
  • Black Mist to reset buffed enemies
  • Gloom Punch for 1k accuracy
  • Incognito for 1 priority
  • Drain Strike so he can heal himself, this is especially useful with razor claw he can heal a lot of damage
I especially like him for his ability to take down those pesky Simolys with his incognito attack. He could be a black mister/accuracy killer wall as well.
Wall Nature: Discreet, Blockhead
  • Thick Fog
  • Black Mist
  • Toxic Bite
  • Tricky Fun
[Image: image]
Now who doesn't love a good ghost story , because my next collector's eye will be

[Image: 125Bavante.png]

Bavante, this monster has an amazing look, (recently redrawn by gk) it's like someone took all the best parts of Banette and merged them into a cool looking body. Bavante's deadly extension from it's head , looks like a ferocious piranha, waiting to pounce on unwitting opponent's.

For pvp i'd say the best nature's would be trembling, verve and mirage.
With all of these you get hidden punch for accuracy, incognito / shadow game for priority, psychical strike to decrease opponents' accuracy, double time for evasion, revenge time to deal extra damage for mirage / verve bavante. Psychical legs for any bavante could be awesome seeing as it gains 2 speed up , although it is low priority so trembling would die before getting ultra fast. Shadow fang for critical chance + type boost.
All in all, a very varied moveset for a very cool mon
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I think Hernie re-drew Bavante Smile
"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
[Image: 166Guaii.png] Guaii - Water/Ground

Guaii would be great for a regular team. I like his ability slow strong. With repressed memory and with only grass weakness he could make a great special attack wall. With razor claw he could also be a great attacker. He has 2 high damage, type matched moves.

Move set for Verve
  • Repressed Memory
  • Tail Wave - Water
  • Earth Shaker - Ground
  • Stone Crush
[Image: image]
This ain't no Regular Monster:

[Image: 159Zincal.png]

This rotom like monster makes me think of a super computer, braining out the most effective way to dismantle opponents. It's body reminds me of rayman, how it's arms and hands didn't directly connect to it's body, always liked that design personally. Ears like boomerangs and cool boomerang hands as well. The combination of steel / psychic works perfectly in my mind for Zincal.

As for pvp, i think for regular and even vs some emissaries he could be good, nature wise he would be quantum and wail. his abilities are okay with attack and accuracy decreaser.

For moves for quantum i'd say :

Darkness Ball
Stone Smash

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Titanine. Nuf said ;w;
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

[Image: k29ed.jpg]
While in my constant search of new anime I have found myself loving samurai martial arts and magic based anime
Bringing me to my favorite monster for the last 3 weeks. <3

Geshimono! Big Grin
[Image: 173Geshimono.png]
She has that old era samurai magic martial arts look to her <3

Yes Shes great. Like I have said before I dont pvp
So thats why it is purely on my collectors eye. ;D
  [Image: Untitled-1_zps54942308.png]
[Image: 13Clingcloo.png] Clingcloo

Clingcloo is often ignored but he has great art and great regular team potential. He has a good diverse move set capable of filling holes in your team's type coverage. He can cover light, ice, fire, electric, ghost, and grass. With his special expert ability he can still produce a lot of damage, even without type matching.

  • Special Expert: 20% base increase in special attack moves
  • Fire Novice: 10% increase in fire moves
  • Grass Novice
He could be good any special attack nature.
Move Set
  • Star Ray: 1000 accuracy light move that is perfect for killing ghosts
  • Charge Ray: to boost special attack
  • Hyper Flame
  • Ice Ray
Meet the mew of Monster MMORPG:

[Image: 254Monason.png]

The Mega Monason

Mona reminds me of a majestic horse, galloping through the fields of pvp, as it takes fast strides, it opponents are left in the dust, but this is no one trick pony, Monason is able to survive the depths of space, and after returning from its journey it has become the proverbial immovable object. But it doesn't stop there, mona can build up the offense too, getting so strong as to cause other zenith's to flee in fear.

Monason design is very well done imo, it looks like i imagine the toughest horse would be, not beautiful in a physical sense, but beautiful to behold, i look forward to seeing what happens when and if it gets redrawn.

To me, anything defensive :

Endurable, Debonair, Discreet would be very good: give this type something like Heal, Space Defense, Knife Dance, Sky Slash

Another very good one would be Mirage Monason with a move set of: Knife Dance, Space Defense, Drake Claw, Sky Slash

Monason is an awesome pvp monster and has a very cool design, any zenith or legendary team would be helped by the right Monason
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