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once we get up to 12 memebers ill do a tourny Smile   just not enough anymore lol
hay, can I join please, i'm pretty new to the game and will therefore be asking a ton of very obivious questions for the first few weeks but hey, everyones gotta start somewhere right x)
I wanna join
i addded u both Smile  welcome to the clan, i wish u both luck in Ur endeavors lol
Would love to join... Im pretty noobish tho Smile
added ya mansi Smile  good luck in ur travels ^_^
i wanna join. it would be very helpful for a lowly noob like me to get some help before i start decimating everyone Big Grin
welcome to the cguild joeSmile    good luck in ur huntung ^.^
Hi guys, I'm new here. Nice to meet all of you
i added ya IcarusSmile   welcom to the guild..good luck..have fun lol

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