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The Amazing Spider-Man 2012
We've all heard about the Amazing Spider-Man 2012 with Andrew Garfield. This thread is to discuss about this latest spider-man movie, share your thoughts and feelings about anything, whether it be the plot, the actors, bla bla.

[Image: MV5BMjMyOTM4MDMxNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjIy...SY317_.jpg]

If you haven't seen it before, well, thanks to youtube and me for posting it here, you can see it for free Smile
Direct link :

This is the full movie on youtube. Watch it, I'm watching it while posting up this thread.

My thoughts right now, as I'm watching this movie :
It has a better setting in the beginning right now, showing young Peter as a child and a tragic dilemma dealing with Peter's father and how he ended up with Uncle Ben and Aunt May.
Emma stone was hot <3
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So uh, the movie is going pretty good for the first 48 minutes, as that's where I am right now. They're adding some comedy into it a little bit, the teenage life and all, the usual braniac Parker.

They have the same stuff from the Toby McGuire movies, Uncle Ben gets shot in a robbery. Now, Parker saved a woman from thugs again, yes but this time he's Parker and not spider-man.

I like this movie Smile They did good with it.
I didn't think much of the movie, i thought that the trailers were tragically corny. What a spit on the face to the first spiderman.
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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this is just too awesome haven't finished watching it though have been watching since yesterday im at the last part now
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
(2012-10-27, 03:33 PM)staff vidyasagar Wrote: this is just too awesome haven't finished watching it though have been watching since yesterday im at the last part now
didn't this move come out in summer this year?
yes by last part i mean when spidey came acroos the lizard lol
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
The Amazing Spider-Man is supposed to be a reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise. Tobey Maguire is replaced by Andrew Garfield in the protagonist role of Peter Parker.
Aw, the full movie was deleted. Well guys, it can also be found on your tv if you have it!

I think Encore (channel) has it On Demand (xfinity).

Also, the second one was pretty good with Electro. My thoughts on Electro is that he was awesome and it very did fit Electro's character. The green goblin and rhino, however short their scenes, were very disappointing. Horrible.

Movie was good though. The ending gave me feels man, almost cried. Almost.

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