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Team Member Origin Stories
[Image: 1237-Veptis.png]
Veptis A.K.A. Angelus Mortis
Visual and Personality Description: Many scars and severely torn wings. Unnaturally smooth in flight. Very selfless and concerned with the well being of others much more than himself. Always on my heels. Hates to be in it's monster box so he just floats by my side more often than not. 

     The first Monster on my team, Angel, is also one of my most loyal (if not my most loyal) friends. When we first met I was battling a wild Mastice. I was trying desperately to weaken it so I could catch what I had hoped would be my first ancient, but as much as I hate to admit it, I was losing the battle, badly. All but one of my monsters had fainted and my last remaining team member, a Gryvolt, was close to losing consciousness. 
      It looked like I would have to take a risk and try running to a monster center when a Veptis, more graceful and haunting than I had ever seen, appeared. Though severely outmatched in size it attacked and wounded the Mastice, causing it to flee and allowing me to escape, preserving my life. 
      Later, after my team and I had recovered, I returned to the place of my first ancient battle and found the Veptis that had saved me simply floating in place, waiting for me. I sent out a monster anticipating a battle, but instead it simply lowered its head and allowed me to capture it. 
      From that moment on Angelus Mortis has been by my side, ever loyal, always protecting me, my guardian Angel.

[Image: 33-Chromaul.png]
Chromaul A.K.A. DROGON 
Visual and Personality Description: Very unkept as he doesn't like to be touched. Hates fire. Can be seen as unintelligent because he doesn't respond and keeps to himself, but its quiet the opposite. He's very withdrawn because of the abuses he's suffered. He's very protective over me, sometimes to a fault. His brute strength and pain tolerance are unmatched.

        I would have killed Drogon. I tried to kill Drogon. A group of forty-three trainers, including myself, had been commissioned to capture and dispose of a Monster that had reportedly maimed and killed thousands of men, women and (most disturbingly) children throughout peaceful little towns from Mechanic Forest to Metal Gate Way. 
       We tracked the Ancient beast until one day we cornered it, or should I say it lured us, into a mountain range. It was a bloody battle, leaving all but two of us standing before the beast, myself and a man named Galliant. The Chromaul was badly wounded, slipping in and out of consciousness, so we both sent what was left of our full teams in for the final blow. At least thats what I thought was happening. 
      Galliant turned his monsters toward me and commanded them to kill. As my team fought to keep me alive he shouted his reasonings for his betrayal. He said that the he had always wanted Chromaul to be his and that he wouldn't allow me to stand between him and the absolute power that he sought. He stated that he had tortured the Chromaul both mentally and physically to follow his direction, testing it's power by making it carry out his will. He screamed that he would char my flesh with the fire of his Vesuverex and his Korrodo would use its venom to melt my skin until it fell off as they did to the Chromaul. He vowed that I would be just another number as his death toll rose. It was at that moment, with my life slipping from my grasp, that I released my Veptis who had not left my side. It sped towards Galliant with blinding speed and without hesitation disemboweled him leaving him for dead on the mountain side, his entire team of monsters fled as my monsters overtook them. 
       The danger dissipating I looked back to the Chromaul and saw it escape into a cave. I tried to follow it, but it escaped further, frightened by the monsters that were once attacking him, so I called back my team and made my way further into the cave. The darkness overwhelmed me as my eyes struggled to pick up on the faintest traces of moonlight. I inched closer towards the monster, huddled defensively against the caves end and I understood. As monstrous and imposing as it was, this ancient creature was scared. I held out my hand, shaking, more scared than I had ever been. The monsters breath quickened. I told it I wouldn't hurt it, promised it would be ok and then as I touch the Chromauls burned, scarred face, it exhales. Finally able to relax, finally able to stop running, the Chromaul pressed its nose to a box on my belt and surrendered itself into my care. 
      To this day Drogon seems haunted by the tourtures it's endured and lives it was forced to take. Keeping to itself, always in the shadows, Drogon is now a loyal companion, my strongest ally, my fiercest protector and most of all, my closest friend.

Prelude to Enkōō: Enma

     So this is how it ends. Laying here...where ever here a mixture of my monsters blood and my own. I struggle to remain conscious. Drogon continues to protect me against three enemy monsters...I can't do anything to help....Behind the enemy monsters I see the man that attacked me. My chest feels like it's caved in, but I pull myself to my feet and scream, "Who are you! Why did you attack us?!" The man turns and as he points my way he mouths words I cannot hear and one of the enemy monsters, a Golemet, shatters the earth beneath my feet causing me to fall on my back. I cannot move. I hear the man step towards me. I look at him, the sun hiding his face. I can see him smile slightly as he bends to whisper in my ear, "just call me dad." As he turns to walk away, he calls back his monsters and just as suddenly as his attack came, he vanishes.

30 minutes later...

     I pull myself to my knees as I try to revive my monsters pulling out some very expensive perfect revives I'd purchased from the market earlier. I'd just revived Drogon when hear the sound of branches breaking and whole trees snapping in two. I hear a deep roar, more monstrous than I had ever heard and, fearing another ambush, I down a syrupy, bitter perfect potion for myself and drag myself behind Drogon. 

There's no outrunning whatever is coming for us. We'll have to fight for our lives.

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Hope you liked the first installments. I know I need a new title and I need to format better, but my brain decided to stop helping me after I wrote this first couple of short stories, so comment below and help me out! 



"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
that's sweeter than a sunrise sprinkled with dew o.o
keep them coming
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
Vesuverex AKA Pyro Drakon

I found the first member of my team in the scorching heat in the deepest part of Magma Caves.I'd heard from the local vllagers from Lavaflow town that there was an incredibly powerful unknown beast said to be living in that cave. I was immediately interested and agreed to look into the matter. Now, here I am, and I regret not bringing my strongest team. I lay dazed in my own puddle of sweat under a giant obsighus. My monster boxes lay out of reachm just behind the back of the molten monster. If I could just...reach. It catches me before i move and prepares to finish me off when from somewhere, a beam of multicolored light hits the obsighus and knocks him out. I know that move. Triple beam. It could only belong to one monster in this cave, the one I was searching for. Out of the smoke from the blast, I see an large figure that dwarfs even the obsighus I just saw. Standing before me is Vesuverex, the prehistoric legend from the villager's stories. I take out my ultimate box and head straight for him. He's tough, but my anteawl was more than a matc for him. Drained, and unable to continue fighting, Vesuverex bows his head to me. The Dinosaur of Magma Cave is finally mine.

Drausoleum AKA: The Ghost

He isn't really a member of my team, he's just a phantom. I think i'm seeing him, but I'm not. The locals around Subzero town have recounted multiple sightings of a strange beast in the wilds surrounding their town. The last person to come through was unable to successfully capture the beast after weeks of trying and had to move on. However, two other explorers, Jynqxed and Renegader, had successfully gone into battle and captured one of their own. With Bragled at my side and vesu towering above me, I proceeded to hunt for the fabled monster. I'd been hunting for about a week when I caught sight of an...unusual monster. It wasn't the legend, but it was still very rare. Sitting under a frozen tree was Jawguile, The strong jaw monster. I had to catch him, so I took out bragled and proceeded to whittle away at its health. when Jawguile could fight no more, I took out a monster box and hurled it at him. He was mine on my first try. Excited, I started to leave the wilds, when I saw a Ghost-like. However, I didn't pay close enough attention and instead of pursuing it, I kept going. As I started to see the lights of subzero town, another one of the blue beasts came my way. I saw it clearly this time, it was Drausoleum. However, I was already running too fast and I missed my opportunity to turn around and catch him. I failed not once, but twice, coming up fruitless in a week long search. I went back into the forest the next day, very much determined to find the "ghost" yet again. I'd barely taken my first step when it suddenly appeared in front of me, as if it had been waiting for my return all along. Rather than giving me a dragged out fight like vesuverex, draus lowered his head to me and I caught him(most fittingly) in a ghost ball. We've been together ever since.
[Image: 11jozyq.jpg]
(2014-11-13, 06:28 AM)ch17175 Wrote: Vesuverex AKA Pyro Drakon

I found the first member of my team in the scorching heat in the deepest part of Magma Caves.I'd heard from the local vllagers from Lavaflow town that there was an incredibly powerful unknown beast said to be living in that cave. I was immediately interested and agreed to look into the matter. Now, here I am, and I regret not bringing my strongest team. I lay dazed in my own puddle of sweat under a giant obsighus. My monster boxes lay out of reachm just behind the back of the molten monster. If I could just...reach. It catches me before i move and prepares to finish me off when from somewhere, a beam of multicolored light hits the obsighus and knocks him out. I know that move. Triple beam. It could only belong to one monster in this cave, the one I was searching for. Out of the smoke from the blast, I see an large figure that dwarfs even the obsighus I just saw. Standing before me is Vesuverex, the prehistoric legend from the villager's stories. I take out my ultimate box and head straight for him. He's tough, but my anteawl was more than a matc for him. Drained, and unable to continue fighting, Vesuverex bows his head to me. The Dinosaur of Magma Cave is finally mine.
Love it Ch. Great stuff!
"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
Lol, that betrayal from Galliant rofl

I might do one for 
[Image: 15-Jaghoul.png][Image: 7-Tempteras.png]
[Image: 781-Fendark.png]
(2014-11-13, 06:13 PM)Dark.Zero Wrote: Lol, that betrayal from Galliant rofl

I might do one for 

"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
(2014-11-14, 03:26 AM)Knost Wrote:
(2014-11-13, 06:13 PM)Dark.Zero Wrote: Lol, that betrayal from Galliant rofl

I might do one for 


Knost returns, work gets done. ^^
In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems.
For issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.

[Image: Gavel-Outside-w.jpg]
[Image: 282-Odani.png]

Odani A.K.A. : Havel, the Rock
Looks and personality : Majestic would describe it best. His golden scales along with his sky-blue wings give him the appearance of a descended god. He is totally Carefree, loves to sit around and observe, isn't bothered by anything or anyone.

It was just when i started my journey. I fought all the way to Progress City, i was stunned by amazement, on how enormous that City was, even after just entering the City, i could see the Gym reaching all the way up, my aim was set, way path was clear. On my way to the Gym all kind of thoughts crossed my mind, mixed with a little bit of fear and excitement. I thought " i managed to get here, i fought my way thorugh endless trainers, surely i will beat that gym". I entered, after beating the first 3 trainers, i found myself defeated. "Defeated ? me ? no way !" i said to myself while heading off to the tall grass to train some more, after several days of training, i managed to beat the trainers but got annihilated by the leader like nobody's business.
Finding me between a rock and a hard place, i decided to back-track a bit. Just when i got tired and bored, he appeared, a trainer, judging from his eyes, i could clearly tell, that he was ages ahead of me. so i pulled all my acts together and asked "Yo ! may you can give me little advice ?" he turned around and said "sure, but first let's battle so i can get an idea of your situation"
Just like the Gym leader... no it was no comparison, the mixture of swift and agile maneuvers and hard hittin moves, i saw it clearly, a different way of fighting, smart, thaught through, observing.
After the battle he said " i see", "what do you see?" i asked.
Go for a Fazuchi he said while heading off. He turned around appearing a bit unconcentrated "Drago, my name is Drago btw".
"Drago huh ? you can call me Galliant then".
So he left, leaving me with that one advice, go for a fazuchi.
After countless hours of searching i finally found one, cute little, yet that determind look in it's eyes.
My Chirit had a hard time dealing with it, it was just sitting there analyzing my moves, not caring about any hit he took, almost like he doesn't even felt it.
After my Chirit went down, i switched in my Pandamic and the fight was over relatively quick. I threw the box and caught it.
I trained it some days, till it became a Cambai. After that i decided to fight the Gym again, this time the leader went down like nothing, Cambai just taking these hits, not caring about one thing  and then, strikeing with fearsome power.
Amazing job i said ... this is the beginn of a great adventure... my friend, my companion... Havel.

[Image: 19-Korrodo.png]

Korrodo A.K.A. : Sinh, the slumbering
Looks and personality : Sinh is gigantic, always keeping a serious frightening experessions on his face. His body looks like untouched, no scars, no wounds just deep green scales with purple accents.
He is extremely powerful and loves to prove it.He likes to humiliate his enemy, often brags around afterwards.

It was, after i managed to accomplish everything, beating the gyms, what challenges were left ? So I decided to travel the lands once more. I found a guy lying in a dark part of a even darker forest. I immediately rushed over to him, asking : "what happened ?" when i saw his wounds, he was barely alive, so i continued to ask : "man, what happened to you !? who done that ?". He threw a sarcistic smile over to me saying : "who ? hehehe, it was no human, it was a beast." "A beast?" i was thinking, "i never heard of a beast, capable to inflict wounds like that" i was saying to myself while shaking my head in disbelieve, so i asked him "what beast and where is it now ?". His expression darkened while he turned his head downwards, i could see a mixture of hate and fear in his eyes. He looked back up to me and said :"just a little bit further into the woods, there you'll find the entrance to a cave, on the lowest level is where is lair is." "but be aware my son" he said "this is nothing you shouldn't go for if you value your life!". "valuing my life ?" i asked myself, hah the only question i was asking myself should be "is it a bad joke ? or maybe a sign of heaven. Just now, when there was nothing left for me to do, a challenge.So i gave the man an ultimate potion and said : "here, this won't help you as much as it would a monster, but you should manage to get to the nearest town."

I went for the cave, after looking hours of hours i finally found the entrance, without a single sign of hesitation i ran into it.
My trusted partners Odani and Phylecther besides me, i reached the lowest level in like no time.
And it was true, the moment i saw a brief flash of light, i could see it... The enormous and frightful beast, slumbering peacefully.
It was this moment.... so much power... directly infront of my eyes, the only thing i had to do ... reach out my hands...and CLAIM IT !

With a mighty combination of phylecther's resplendant bomb and a smoothly, perfectly executed deadly meteor of my Odani i managed to wake it up.
After a long and fierce battle, only my odani was left.
Korrodo nearly out of breath, that was when i thought "so much power, so much might.. i have to obtain it."
After odani's Solar Kick, the tremendous beast fell to the ground.
I walk towards it, stared it directly into the eyes, when i saw from the reflection, that i .... had the same eyes as the beast.
I said : "Your powers are mine now... Sinh." and threw the ultimate box.

[Image: 18-Vesuverex.png]

Vesuverex A.K.A. : Gwyn, the ashen
Looks and Personality : Enormous, Pure black "scales" which look like charred stone, magma like orange veins, creatin some kind of camo look. He is extremely brutal, unforgiving and stubborn, mercy is definetely not in his vocabulary.He destroys his enemies, after brutalizing them, he leaves but dust, ash and cinder of them. Stubborn and doesn't like to obey my orders, does it though

After obtaining that magnificent power of korrodo, i strived for more, naturally. My journey braught me to a extremely hot town, hardly worth mentioning and certainly not a name that's worth remembering. I spied a Monster Center and thought, might as well get Sinh back to full power. After healing up my team, i was refilling my inventory, i spend a couple of minutes in the store. However after i left it and prepared to continue, a small man lurking in the shadows talked to me from behind : "lusting for power, eh ?" he was asking. Turned off by his looks and by the disgrace of a town i said : " none of your business". "Oh 'tis a pity, i heard great power can be found 'round 'ere these days".
"Great power, huh? well, you got my attention old creep". i Said. Eventhough his face was hidden in the shadows, i could swear i've seen a smile decorating his face after hearing that.
"It'll cost you" he then said. "figures" i thought. "Well how much do you want, and make it short, i don't have time for this chit chat!" I replied. "60m, but 'tis worth it". "Fine, if this finally ends this conversation" i said in a slighty annoyed tone, while tossing him the g. "well, thanks,eh. thanks for the business". he replied happier than i imagined he would be. He then began to tell me of a legend the villagers around the town were talking about. The legend wasn't that old. Something about an enormous beast raging around, leaving nothing but cinder behind... witht the name ... Vesuverex. "Be happy that this actually sounds interesting old man, that may have saved your life." i said in a serious voice "now get out of my sight before i start regreting to have eyes". "Annoying beggers" i said to myself while heading off to the last location it was seen.
After a couple of hours- the sun was already disappearing-i arrived where it has been seen the last time. Indeed there was nothing, not even a single tree or rock... only ash.
The night started, but ... it wasn't dark, there was still something eminating a strong light at the horizon... flames bright as the sun's.
I rushed over there...
I saw it, a humongous dinosaur. But... i wasn't afraid...
I was happy, happy that the legends were true. I could watch how that dinosaur showed off his supremacy and totally destroying another monster. But controverse to the legend, it ate the defeated monster instead of incinerating it.
It didn't took long for it to recognize me, sure... i just released Sinh.
A battle of titans just begun.
To my surprise however, Sinh lost after a long and tiring fight.
Disappointed by Sinh, i unleashed ne only monster, which never failed me. Odani. The alrady hardly damaged Vesuverex was bested in the end, after another good hour of battle.
Down... after just 2 monsters.... "Waste of time" i said while walking towards the vesuverex.
"You're hardly worth the monsterbox" i said while throwing it at it's face.
Don't you dare disappoint me ... eternal flame, lord of cinder...Gwyn.

[Image: 26-Aurorile.png]
Aurorile A.K.A. : Seath, the scaleless
Looks and Pesonality : Seath got a scaleless white body, which -in the right light looks a little more cyan.Seath also got dark blue wings which blend into a deep purple. He is gallant, a knight among beasts.
Always treats his enemies with the respect they deserve, and always quibbles me when i do something wrong.

So here i was, left to die... unable to obtain the power which i so desperately sought. Unable to move, barely could keep my eyes open. "damn you knost..." i said to myself. It was just when i began to fade, that i saw my monsters....lying near to me badly wounded."damnit" i thought "it ends like this ?". My world turned black, but then i suddenly felt something cold dripping into my mouth. Just when i thought it couldn't get worse, i realised that bitter and horrible taste. that disgusting smell, i remembered it... a potion. I spread my eyes wide open, a masked man standing infront of me "Wh-why" i stuttered "why are you helping me ? who the hell are you?". The masked man didn't answer. I felt the healing effect of the potion, i slowly got back up, still wrecked i stumbled around for a bit. I looked back to where the masked man was standing, he was gone, looking around i found him next to my monsters, which also got back up, he healed them. "Why are you helping my monsters ? i never asked for your pitty ! just who the heck you think you are  !?" i yelled. He then turned around to me and said in a deep dark voice "names don't matter now." and just when i was about to yell again he said "your eyes... i know that look, know this : power is nothing without the ability to use it". "the ability to use it ?" i asked myself "just who the heck he thinks he is.... i managed to destroy every trainer along my path, and yet he thinks i'm not able to use it ?". Suddenly while i still was deep in thoughts, i saw a flashing white light, obviously the one of a monster box-sure i've seen it a million times, followed by an enormous beast, so gracefully and swiftly flying through the air, where the flashing light just was. "That smooth and swift flying"
i remembered, there was only one other monster i saw moving like that, pictures of knost's veptis appeared in my head. "Tsk!" i was silently saying, while an enormous bittred hate started to rekindle my flame. A voice suddenly reached my ear "Fight me !" it was saying ... I forgot , the masked man was still there. "A-alright" i replied with a surprised voice. So we prepared to battle. No surprise it ended relatively quick, with me being nowhere near my true strength. But during this battle ... this dragon... that enormous strenght.. yet it was so pure. I began to doubt my intentions, i started to think about these words "the ability to use it.. what did he mean ?" i asked myself, then suddenly "it's yours" the mysterious man said "I'm sure it will help you see clear"he was saying while going away. " W-Wait" i shouted "What you mean it's mine ? see what clear ?.... tell me atleast your name". He turned around, smiled and said "just call me dad". He was gone, leaving this graceful and powerful beast right next to me. I stared into it's eyes, just like i did with korrodo way back then. "Oh the memories" i thought while looking at my face's reflection. A dragon so strong, yet the purest and most graceful being my eyes laid on. "what have I become ? what happened, that i could loose my way like that ?" i asked myself.Just when my facial expression began to darken and i started to despise myself, the dreagon bumbed his head against mine, in a quibbling yet gentle way. I understood. This dragon it's my better half, my saving grace... my guiding light... Seath.

[Image: 35-Stromeleon.png]
Stromeleon A.K.A.: Freja, the ancient
Looks and Personality : Freja looks like it saw quie a lot of the world, tainted in a golden broncish color which sparkles when hit by light. He is kinda playful and runs after lightnings which can be annoying at times. It seems to can judge a persons character upon first sight, like ... seeing their aura.

After obtaining Seath from the mysterious masked man called "dad", i strived aimlessly around, re-thinking my actions and trying to find my new way or rather finding back onto my old.
It was then however that i came across a icy town, ontop of a merciless waay to oversized stairway - subzero town. Warming up a bit in the Monster Center while my team was being healed, i could see a strange guy through the window,running around in the grass outside of town. I was wondering, there obviously was nothing there, yet he acted like he is going after something. After i was done resting at the Monster Center i continued my journey, to my surprise the guy way gone. Walking my way through the cold and the seemingly never ending snow fall, i could see him again, quite a bit further away from town. the guy was looking down, so i decided to talk to him. "What's your name" i asked. "Lunchcard" he responded quickly. "Lunchcard ?! is this supposed to be funny ?" i asked in a slightly annoyed yet surprised voice. "Nope" he replied. ... "wow one word answeres, how much i love them" i was thinking. Realising he still looks somewhat depressed i asked "What is bugging you ?". He then said " I was looking for a monster, for quite some time, found it twice but couldn't get it" ... "Woah, that sucks man , i can't even imagine how that has to be" i answered in a cheering ton.
It was then that a enormous golden dragon appeared, i prepared for battle when i suddenly saw, it was behaving nice and friendly , standing guard besides that "lunchcard fella". "Yet another graceful mon, which is glowing of pure power" i thought. "Yo, lunchcard" i shouted , when he was turning around i asked "interested in a trade ?" "you know so you get a little change of pace and your hunt wouldn't be for naught." "Sure" he said "you wan't my stromeleon don't you ?". " Well of course i do , i give you that ugly half dead half alive bat i caught some time ago."i responded. "Deal" he said while steching out his hand for a shake, i instantly grabbed it.
After a smooth handshake, we traded the Monster Boxes, and i continued for my... i turned around to say farewell, when i saw him running towards something again....."What a weirdo" i thought.
"Anyways....Stromeleon... nah that got no ring to it."
I threw the box to summon it.
It was looking at me in a strange way... i think, it was admiring me.
Where does the look come from ? You see something that i don't..Freja ?.

[Image: 1558-Zekaren.png]

Zekaren A.K.A. : Kalameet, the last
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
Galliant. That's amazing. 

Universal rules now dictate that monster can and will harm humans and that potions work on humans but they aren't nearly as effective on them as they are on monsters.

Great stuff people!
"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
Galliant just set the bar for Origin stories. Do yourself a favor and read up.
"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
tell me atleast your name". He turned around, smiled and said "just call me dad"

'just call me dad'

Amazing. Pure gold, I can't stop laughing Lol
(2014-11-19, 02:03 PM)Dark.Zero Wrote: tell me atleast your name". He turned around, smiled and said "just call me dad"

'just call me dad'

Amazing. Pure gold

Write something DZ!!
"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
New content added in OP!

"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
Beautiful. #whoisdad?
[Image: 11jozyq.jpg]
the dad hype is real
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
(2014-11-22, 02:53 AM)Galliant Wrote: the dad hype is real

Lol that it is. 

Thanks for another amazing installment Galliant!
"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
Long ago.. In a land that is today occupied by the crushing weight of the ocean, a lush valley spread it's warm and comforting embrace across the soft soil. The trees shined a vibrant shade of all colours of the rainbow. The soft grass acted as a bed for whomever would lie their head upon it. The sun cast it's powerful and dominating light across the valley letting the trees cast shadows where they wished.

A man stood in the sunlight covered head-to-toe in shiny, deep, purple armor. His name was engraved on his left shoulder pad in the ancient language of the elves, Umaroth. In his right hand he tightly gripped a trident that glimmered with the same shade as his armor. In his left hand he gently stroked one of the four heads on his Vydral whom he'd named "Egbert". Egbert laid on his side, his tail systematically moving over the grass. His other two heads bit at each other's horns playfully while the last one tore meat from the fresh carcass of a stag.

Umaroth heard a rush of wind above him and blew a shrill wistle to Egbert to gain his attention. Umaroth's eyes scanned the sky searching for what he hoped was not a threat. He swiftly leapt onto Egbert's back and grabbed the reins with his left hand. Sweat beaded his brow under his helmet as he searched for any possible attackers.

A thunderous bang behind Umaroth caused him to snap his neck backwards. He stood, frozen in fear, at the sight before him. Egbert's four heads brandished their teeth at their foes, ready for a fight. Umaroth raised his trident with his sweaty palms above his head as riders do before every fight. His arm felt heavy and he felt his eyes twitch in horror for he knew this fight would most likely not end in his favour, for before him stood the White Rider of the North, Jura, proudly perched atop his Aurorile's (the White Dragon) back with white armor that matched his dragon's scales. Jura reached beside him and drew his sword, crafted by the snow dwarves, and raised the deadly thing in the air, letting it glimmer like an icicle from a rooftop.

Umaroth lowered his trident and held it at the ready. Jura's Aurorile roared ferociously and spread it's mighty wings to show it's dominance. Each of Egbert's heads hissed at the Aurorile and spat out little droplets of poison. Jura let loose a battle cry and the Aurorile lurched forward. Egbert gave into the impact and flew back, knocking down a few trees in the process. Egbert's head bit at the Aurorile's neck and wings while Umaroth held on to the reins for dear life and jabbed his trident at Jura. Jura parried the attack away with his sword and then took a stab at one of Egbert's long necks. Egbert howled in pain and, taking advantage of the diversion, the Aurorile kicked at Egbert and bit at his back.

Umaroth screamed elvish curses at Jura and stabbed the Aurorile in the upper neck. The Aurorile drew it's head back and Egbert backed up. Both beasts had suffered great injuries and dripped hot blood onto the grass, making it shine a metallic red with a tint of the green it once portray. The Aurorile jumped forward towards Umaroth and Egbert as they prepared for another close-up battle. But instead of attacking them, the Aurorile opened its wings and took flight. Umaroth knew Jura would come back as an air strike and stood on Egbert's back in the direction Egbert's heads couldn't bend. He held his trident with two hands, the tips already soaked with blood. He heard a roar to his left and quickly turned, ready to attack. Jura held his sword above his head and the Aurorile rushed at them at speeds only dragons could reach.

Umaroth braced for impact and closed his eyes in fear. He heard a second rush of wind, a slam, and the familiar roar of the Aurorile accompanied by the roar of a second dragon. Confused, Umaroth opened his eyes and saw the Gold Rider of the West, Galzra, wearing tight fitting gold armor that showed his authority while riding his Orogond, the Gold Dragon. He held a bow, covered in gold leaf, made by the elves. As the Orogond dominated the Aurorile, Galzra sunk three golden arrows into the Aurorile's neck and one in Jura's shoulder. Jura fell from his dragon and landed among the trees below while his Aurorile tried to fight off the Orogond and Galzra at the same time. Umaroth and Egbert rush forward to find Jura. Egbert's heads search the ground for Jura while Umaroth listens for the Aurorile and Orogond.

A force knocks Umaroth off Egbert's back. Umaroth rolls on the ground and looks up to see Jura standing before him with his sword casually at his side. Dried blood was caked under his nose and the arrow that was shot into his shoulder had been removed, letting blood slowly trickle down the white armor. Umaroth holds his trident over his head with one hand and the other out toward Jura, ready to apply numerous combat moves that very rarely fail to decease their victim. Jura leaps forward, faster than any man could possibly leap and swings at Umaroth's neck. Umaroth ducks under the deadly swing of the sword and right under the feet of Jura. Umaroth spins around and hurls his trident at Jura's back. Jura turns just in time and catches the trident. As he turns he jumps at Umaroth, now bearing the weapons of both riders. He stomps in front of Umaroth and before Umaroth could move, he puts the trident behind him to prevent him from going anywhere and his sword to his neck. Jura smiles cruelly at Umaroth.

Egbert wails from the sidelines for it could not attack without possibly hurting his rider. Jura looks over at Egbert and says with a raspy voice "I'll take good care of that Vydral for you." when suddenly a golden arrow lodges itself in between Jura's eyes. Jura falls to his knees and to his side with the same shocked expression he had before the arrow spelled his fate upon his forehead. Umaroth quickly grabs his trident and looks for the arrow's master. Egbert stomps past him and lets his rider swing himself onto his back, leaving the body of the Rider of the North behind. Egbert came to a halt behind a rock as Umaroth inspected his beast's wounds. He listened as he put herbal leaves on the wounds to help them heal for the Aurorile's cries. Judging by the silence, he figured that the beautiful dragon had met it's ugly end.

Egbert lightly grabs Umaroth and puts him atop his back. Egbert trotted forward examining the skies for Galzra. In a clearing, Umaroth dismounts his beast and looks around for the Orogond. He hears the pounding of wings as a dragon and a huge bird glided towards the clearing. Prysma, the King of the Skies, with his rider, Arva. And Thundriel the Ionule, the King of the Birds.

The two airborne monsters land in the clearing before Umaroth. Umaroth, shocked by the appearance bows to the highly respected kings. Arva gets off the Prysma's back and makes her way towards Umaroth, her armor glimmering all the colours of the rainbow with every step she took. Her long, straight brown hair fell behind her. Umaroth, stunned by her beauty, stood speechless. Arva reached behind her and grabbed one of her her swords. They were small swords, but their simple hilts were outweighed by the complexity of the way the blade itself was forged. Her dark blue eyes bore into Umaroth as she spoke "Were you the killer of the Aurorile?" Umaroth shook his head. "Who killed the Aurorile?" she asked.

"The Gold Rider of the West, Galzra.." he said weakly.

"So it is as we feared" she said to herself "Go to the council, Thundriel. Tell them the Riders of the four directions are at war." Thundriel bowed his head, expanded his wings and took flight. "I need you to come with me." She said to Umaroth.

"I don't mean to be rude, ma'am, but I'd prefer not to go anywhere with you when my dragon can't fly and is injured."

Arva sighed and waved her hand at Egbert and his wounds closed up. Umaroth was shocked by this and now wondered how she was to bring Egbert to the council when everybody knew that the council was held in the Cloud Palace. Arva winks and gives Umaroth a box which she explained would contain Egbert when he needed to be transported places. Umaroth then flew to the Cloud Palace atop Arva's Prysma. The Prysma flew at such speeds that it arrived in mere hours.

But something was wrong... The Cloud Palace was in flames. Arva cried in shock. As they landed they examined the damage. In a ring of flames stood the wolf-like Fendark, the King of the Shadows. He howled as he saw Arva and he looked to his right, where his dragon, Ugoyle, the Shadow Dragon, was perched atop a ruined building.

Ugoyle pounced at the Prysma and they plummeted down towards the ground biting at each other's necks and roaring in rage. Arva had already drawn her twin blades and twirled them, ready to fight Fendark. Umaroth looked to his left and saw Ophelia, the Queen of the Forest riding her giant Grasilisk bearing her whip and whipping at Cuaroc, the King of the Forest, atop his Chlorotops. 

Umaroth muttered to himself "When the forest fights itself, the world is falling to pieces..." He unleashed Egbert and mounted him, when suddenly a shadow flew by and scratched at Egbert's heads. Egbert howled and then fell, brutally injured. The shadow hit the ground around twenty feet from Umaroth and then let the shadows subside. Korrosvat, the Vampire, in bat form, stood before him. He transformed into a human and twirled his blood red blade, ready to fight. Umaroth drew his trident one last time, ready to end this. 

Korrosvat lunged forward and slashed at Umaroth. Umaroth twirled his trident and parried the sword away, he quickly turned and stabbed at where his attacker would've landed, but the only thing his trident pierced was air. The red sword clanged atop his trident and swooshed to Umaroth's neck. Quickly thinking, Umaroth bent backwards, dropping his spear, turned, caught his spear in midair and thrust the pommel into Korrosvat's gut. He manipulated the spear around, hitting Korrosvat's head downward so that he was then on his knees and then plunged the three hungry tips into the pale back of Korrosvat. Korrosvat fell and exploded into bats as his body hit the ground, the bats flew away into the sky and left Umaroth speechless.

Umaroth turned at a roar and saw the Chlorotops had fallen but Ophelia was losing the fight to Cuaroc. Cuaroc held a flail that would swing a deadly swing of untimely death at Ophelia so frequently that she was almost backed up against a wall. Ophelia, back to the wall, had terror flooding her eyes as Cuaroc's arm readied for the final blow when Thundriel came back and knocked him out of the way. Thundriel's massive claws scratched and pierced Cuaroc's armor but could not protect him from the deadly swing of his flail. He swung about his head and crushed the giant bird's wing followed by it's head and then turned to meet Ophelia. But she was gone.

Suddenly a whip tightened itself around Cuaroc's neck and began to choke the life out of his eyes. Umaroth stood in terror watching a the king's wife murder him. Eventually, Cuaroc fell lifeless to the ground letting his flail uselessly lie by his side. Ophelia, not sparing any second, turned to assist Arva. She rushed forward and began whipping at Fendark with all her might. Fendark's giant claws hit away Arva's blades as the whip made marks of pain on his muscular back.

Fendark jumped upward, bounced off a wall, and stood forty feet from Arva and Ophelia who both charged him. Fendark turned toward Ophelia, opened his giant maw and a jet of fire burst out and engulfed the Queen of the forest with flames. Arva stopped, dead in her tracks, when the fire subsided, there was no trace of the queen. Fendark pounced and tackled Arva. A sword point protruded from his back and he aggressively held down Arva's arms. His mouth opened and he prepared to bite the perfect face off of Arva. Umaroth screamed and hurled his trident at Fendark. The trident sailed true and impaled the chest of Fendark. Fendark fell to his side and died quickly.

The Prysma and the Ugoyle flew up above the clouds yet again and began fighting in the air causing the dust on the ground below to billow. Prysma shot a jet of light from his mouth at the Ugoyle who responded with a burst of shadows. The two jets of opposite elements met in between them causing to create an explosion in between them. Then everything went black. Then suddenly very light. Then normal again, and both the dragons were gone. Umaroth stood in shock as to what he just saw. Arva rushed forward and hugged him "You saved my life" she said.

"I had to..." He responded sheepishly.

Arva smiled from ear to ear and kissed him.

The end.

I literally feel so meh about this story. I didn't know how to approach so many of the situations xD xD

Enjoy, all the same. Maybe I'll do this for all of the ancients if people like it enough!! \(^_^)/
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Well look who just gone overkill.
to put it simple tl;dr
just kidding good job Smile
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
- 15 years before the story began, on a summer day... -

"Hey mom look how well I did on my homework! I'm too boss for school mwahaha!" the little boy said with a big grin.

"Well done, continue studying hard" said the mother with a beautiful and bright smile

"hehehe yeah I will! to make you happy and get a good job and get a pretty wife and and and" said the boy while using his fingers to count.

"That's the spirit! become like your father and make me proud" said the mother while patting his head

"hehehe yeah" smiled the little boy

- While walking with his mother, the boy heard two strangers talking -

" h-h-hear.........the...n-news..." said one of the strangers while shivering with fear

"y-yeah... I-I-I-I can't b-believe i-its h-here..." replied his partner

"hahahaha can't believe how scared these grown men are" the boy wondered to himself

- He continued walking with his mom till they reached their home -

"Hey mom, I'm going to take a nap....I'm s-sleepy" said the boy while yawning

"Alright I will wake you up when dinner is ready"

"okaay" said the boy while going to his room*

- 9 hours later... the boy wakes up -

"Huh...why is it dark and why didn't mother wake me up for dinner " the boy asked himself

- He goes downstairs to where the living room is to ask his mother"

- He opens the door..."

- Before him... the boy sees half his house destroyed with blood everywhere.... -

- ....he then sees the corpse of his mother under the claws of a monster..... -

To be continued...
Wow look at all of this! Thank you all so much! I'll update the OP as soon as I can! Thanks again!

Edit: Alright so after reading Pups amazing story I believe we should make his stories "legends" or "myths". This means that when writing your stories you can try to refer back to pups allowing us to establish a long history for our gam, while not making anything "concrete facts" if that makes sense. 

Great stuff guys. Amazing

Edit 2: DZ I love it lol so much gore it's beautiful Smile can't wait to read more.

Edit 3: Nice Galliant! Now we have our first trade and we've determined that monsters not only have different personalities and abilities, but they also might have skills like reading auras. 

Great stuff.
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I'm willing to create a large backstory/storyline for every Legendary and Ancient. It should take a week or so, but I'll have it done after a few writing sessions.

If you want that lemme know :3
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(2014-11-25, 11:14 PM)PupK9 Wrote: I'm willing to create a large backstory/storyline for every Legendary and Ancient. It should take a week or so, but I'll have it done after a few writing sessions.

If you want that lemme know :3

I don't want any concrete "facts" about monsters. This whole project should be very organic. Short stories about your own monsters or your own character. 

If you want to write some fair tale type stories though I'd love that. Add some myth to the history

Edit: I want to keep the origin stories and history/myths separate so I'm making another thread for the latter.
"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
Odani's story added, i apologize for the lame quality but my head is somewhere else.
Just don't gonna let this thread die on me Tongue
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
Time to bring this back...
"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"
Well I'd like to contribute a long winding story of how I caught my most memorable team members.I can't though,because many of my mons are misfits.I have given the castoffs,others didn't want a home.My own little isle of misfit mons.Through trade or sale I have acquired my misfit mons to train them and give them a loving home.Some do have a special place for me though.I have a draseiger and a Stella that we're my original  basher's.The one that replaced them is my vesuvarex,he gives life to all my mons.Starter is myfavriote class and ATM I have 10.I'm not a hunter,I'm a collector.My goal is to train those in my loony misfits family and give them purpose.And to give them a home (tips hat). Cool
Hey, this seems fun!

1. Auric, The Orogond

Forged in the fires of Mount Doom... 
Wait, sorry, wrong forum.
Legend has it that the Charred Stone Town, deep in the Fiery Wastelands, was a thriving city long ago. While the city was known for its fantastic architecture and bustling trade and tourism, most famous of it all was the smithy. The massive smithy was famous all over the world for its amazing products, mined from the heart of the mountain and forged by massive flames to create wonders. The smithy had pots of liquid gold, bubbling as it languidly was stirred and cast for young nobles to please the woman of their fancy. 
But everything seemed to be going along far too well. One fine day, the town's spires framed by the jagged rocky peaks illumined by the rosy glow of the setting sun, a dragon decided to pay his visits to the town.
Townsfolk ran helter-skelter, witnessing the sheer brutal desecration of all the town stood for by this unstoppable force of nature. They trembled, quailed, and saw the devastation of their homes and fellow people. Monster trainers stood, with powerful monsters, resisting this beast's destructive aura, but fell short as it went berserk, tearing through their tough armour coat and rending their scales. 
The dragon's bloodlust went on, and he set his cruel eye on the giant smithy that rose above the town. As he crashed down the huge stone doors, the bellows roared, and the dragon was set back by a burst of blue flame. This only angered him more. With a blast of golden-yellow flame, the boiler in the smithy was now just glowing orange embers. The smiths were alarmed. They knew their towns' destruction was imminent, but they had only one chance to stop the dragon from destroying other towns as well. 
The smiths climbed up to the terrace and tolled the bells. Pulling on some stiff ropes, they upturned the pot of liquid gold that now served as their last line of defence. As the hot gold rained down on the dragon in a viscous yet vicious flow, the dragon's roars of pain echoed through the mountains. The shiny metal dripped down its scaly leathery body, painting it in iridiscent and reflective gold. The dragon clearly did not expect this. It got surprised, and decided to demonstrate fleeing to its mountain layer. 
When I first heard this story, from a boatman in the Pelican Peninsula, I took it as a myth and promptly ignored it. But upon my travels through the fiery mountains, I got to see the ruins of what is now called Charred Stone Town, and realized that it had all been true. Which also meant that the dragon of myth was still in repose in his lair. 
The now aged Master Smith told me that he had a suspicion that the dragon's lair was in the deepest cavern of Ruby Cave. Piqued, I had no option but to inspect for myself. 
It took me three days through unforgiving terrain to reach the cave. Careful not to disturb the order of things in the cave, I slowly but steadily wound my way till the deepest cavern.
It was there where I first laid eyes on it. In silent repose, a dragon with its scales engulfed in pure gold. It saw me, and rose menacingly. I demonstrated no fear, and it seemed to understand. I think it had a feeling that it had found a direction for its powers at long last. As I held out an Ultimate Box, it walked in and thus joined my team.
This is the story of Auric, the Trembling Orogond. In the dusky evening, the reaper of foes shall slay all and none shall be spared. Fiercely loyal, incredibly powerful, he is truly a force of destruction.

2. Lastlight the Sarcuda

'The last light all monsters see, the keeper of the key of death, the guardian of the gates....'
Pirate Town. Ugh, a thoroughly unpleasant destination. Full of washed-up sea scum and retired sea captains whose only hobbies were to get inebriated beyond human limits. You could tell it in the air, feel it in the cool sea breeze, and experience it in the seedy taverns that sprung up from nowhere all across the town. But still, duty called. A ship had been found. A glorious clipper, 6-masted, 14-cannon monster of a ship. Torn to shreds. All they found was smashed driftwood and the captain's logbook at the site of the wreck.
Of course, they had called me to investigate. Right when I finished the Dark Gym, struggling through with Orogond and Tempteras, they called me. Apparently, it was a massive monster; one that had assumed the form of Leviathan itself. Though I pleaded them to contact another talented trainer, they persisted, and I finally gave in. 
I took a room at Anker's Pub in Pirate Town. One of the more respectable pubs in town, the lack of drunken brawls and pirates spilling a mess all over the floor was worth the higher cost. 
It was there that I met him. His name was Eledon Lastlight. One of the most respected navigators in this half of the world, he had led many significant expeditions in the area. "Jay?" he asked, his deep golden eyes glinting with an almost childlike desire for adventure, "I have a pod called the Tethys. With that, we'll have to descend to the deepest seafloor to do the hunting of the beast that lies beneath."
I was ready. I expected nothing more than an oversized Shigon, it's attacking of the ship severely blown out of proportion by the drunk sailor populace.
I was a fool.
The day came, and I packed my Tempteras' box in my pack. It alone would be enough to wipe out the beast. Orogond was left in my room at Anker's.
Me and Eledon climbed into the Tethys, a small white submarine with 2 glass windows. A myriad of buttons to control the pod was on one side. I placed my bag on the floor and took a post at the window while Eledon walked to the control panel. The door gave out the sound of shifting gears and gradually closed shut. It was then that we went under. The sea floor was beautiful. There were Anerates and Crescelis, and long Wateels gracefully passing by. As we went deeper, the life around us changed. I could see Hanothoas and Leviathans, and the distant but unmistakable light of the very rare Anglare. A school of Rhizodus casually swam by. 
Suddenly, I saw something. The shipwreck! The sailors hadn't been lying. I immediately began to feel a sickening sensation well up in my throat. I had come underprepared for this. The entire wood had been ripped apart, and masts were smashed into small fractals by the power of an almighty blow. "Well, here we are. There's a cave nearby, where the beast must be hidden." said Eledon. His still cheerful demeanour gave me the idea that he had already seen the wreck before this. It was a truly sobering sight, and what we were going up against truly sent a shiver down my spine.
We entered the cave, and Eledon stopped Tethys. "Well, we have to go up from here. There's a cave up above where we can breathe. Most likely, that's where the beast is, too."
I put on my diving suit with Eledon and grabbed my bag. I knew what was coming, and I did not like the thought. As we surfaced into a rocky cavern, a feeling of inevitable dread began crawling up my back. 
I heard it way before I saw it. A primal, guttural roar. Sarcuda.
Rarest of the rare, destroyer of ships. I should have guessed. Nothing else could possess such raw destructive power. It rushed towards us, adept on 4 legs as it was in the small pools of water in the cavern. I brought out the one hope I had, Tempteras. I commanded Tempi to use Chain Lash to hold the berserk Sarcuda in place. It roared, clearly furious, and with one mighty smash of its tail, Tempi's chains broke. Tempi brought on its head at the charging Sarcuda, and the ship-ravager deftly stepped away from me. 
Away from me. Towards Eledon. Poor, defenseless, Eledon, brandishing a small metal blade, whose only sin was accompanying me on this deadly trip. He flew through the air, and landed in one of the small pools of water that were deeper than they looked. When he did not rise, I knew it was over. The world had lost a great navigator. 
Much as I wished to mourn and bring his body back in the Tethys, speaking to the pirates of how he died a hero, facing Sarcuda down with nothing but a naked blade, I had more pressing matters to deal with. Sarcuda set his sights on Tempi. The clash of the titans was about to begin.
As they stayed, locked in fierce combat, rushing at each other, and both parrying and nimbly dodging, I noticed something. Eledon's blade had struck true. Blood seeped out of the cavity Eledon's broken blade had made, staining the cavern with Sarcuda's inky blue blood.
Commanding Tempteras and trying to stay as far away from the battle as possible, I saw both grow exhausted. Sarcuda was seriously bleeding now, and Tempi was exhausted. Yet they went on, locked in close combat.
Finally, Sarcuda rose up to break free of Tempi's lashing chains, and struck out in Berserker frenzy. Tempi, drained and unable to take the blow of the mighty hit, collapsed, fainted. My hopes sank. Now Sarcuda was wounded, but he had nobody left to fight but me. Me, whose only skill is training and commanding monsters, with no melee battling skill whatsoever. Desperate, I reached around in my bag for a revive, hoping to sneak around to Tempi, when my hand closed around a Monster Box. Aspen, my Arbogon! I had completely forgot that I had brought him along for the battle! Seeing a narrow glimmer of hope, I brought him out, and promptly did Sand Trap on Sarcuda. Rendered immobile, Sarcuda's anger now knew no bounds. But I calmly walked over, and 'Snap!'. The Ultimate Box clicked shut. And that is how Sarcuda came to be part of my team. It caused quite a hubbub among the local sailors, and they suggested a fair number of names for it (I seem to remember IamKillerLel for some reason), I saw only one name fit for it. In memory of the person who saved my life by giving up his own. I am still proud of Lastlight the Sarcuda, slayer of foes, wall beyond walls, killer among killers.

Well, tell me if you want more, guys! Smile
"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be"

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