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Team Flare HQ
Come join Team Flare HQ!There will be charts in this post.3 of them.Info and jobs(Explained in info).AND EXTRA INFO.
Chart#1(Info Chart):
Where:In pokemonpets.
Earnable Authority:Yes
Rules:1)Be respectful.2)Before getting authority,u must get the following:EP,A test to test your trustworthyness.If u fail,u get no other chance and only way to fail is priveladge abuse.3)U get Grunt title when u first join(Ex:TF Grunt Sushin K.)and your titles matter.
Motto:Team Flare wins the game!Team Flare is our name!We have no love for insulter mules!I,Zayden make up the rules!Team F-L-A-R-E!Flare!
Fixture:Team Flare X.
Chart#2(Authority/rank chart):
TF Grunt:0-305 pts.
TF Grunt II:306-500 pts.
TF Grunt III:501-1000 pts.
TF Grunt IV:1001-2000 pts.
TF Super Grunt2001-3000 pts.
TF Grunt Moderator:1 Free Spot.
TF Grunt Co-Moderator:1 Free Spot
TF PVP Moderator:1 Free Spot.
TF Admin(Only ZaydenM142 has a free Admin spot due to leadership):3000 pts.
TF Co-Admin:3000 pts.
TF CM:50-300 pts.
TF SCM:301-1500 pts.
TF CA:1501+ pts.
Extra Info:
Spots:TF Admin:9 Spots.TF Co-Admin:5 Spots.TF CM:10 Spots.TF SCM:5 Spots.TF CA:3 Spots.
PM me in pokemonpets to join Team Flare X.
Or leave a comment.
To register,please put:pokemonpets name,if u agree to terms or not,and answer the poll.
Screenshot of GP below.

Monster King(AKA ZaydenM142)
Current Members(Leader Korrina does not count as it is me):TF Grunt seyitxx96.
Monster King(AKA ZaydenM142)
Me,Leader Korrina
Monster King(AKA ZaydenM142)

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