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TP-Training/Role Guideline for new Players
There are different "roles" a monster can take.
I'll list the 3 most common/efficient below and a guide how to tp train them and how to choose them.

But first off we start with an explanation of what TP are.
TP stands for Training Points,they boost the stats of the monster 4TP=1Stat-point
A monster can have 800 TP-points in total, with a maximum of 400 in one stat.
The TP-Points are added automatically to your monster.

There also are the UVs which stand for unique value, they increase the stat aswell, 2UV = 1 stat point
The maximum amount of UVs is 50, it's incredibly rare to find them though.
You can donate to increase the UVs to 45 or even to 50 in all stats.
On top there are attacks which are based on the Unique Power which is the sum of all Uvs added, also the Unique Power type can be changed by adjusting the UVs in certain stats.
You might feel that they increase more than that, hoewver that has to do with the nature whether it boosts a certain stat or not.

So with that being cleared let's get down to the "Know How".

TP-Training :

There are several ways to tp train.
The best way would be to beat wild monsters, those will reward TP ranging from 1-4, that allows for specific tp training and can be combined, with hunting or training Smile
To see what kind of TP a monster will reward you, check their dex etry page 
[Image: 21ouie.png]

You can access the entry page by clicking on their image, by going to the dex via the misc menu in th topbar
[Image: ehi51l.png]

or by clicking on the monster dex icon -> [Image: monsterdex.png] in the bottom bar of the game screen.
You can also click on the [Image: map.png] icon to see all the monsters on your current map, and also which TP they will reward.
It'll look like this : 
[Image: 25psdwp.png]

Additionally there are Items buyable at the store in the "health" item section each of them costs 5k (5.000)gold
[Image: 2mn4pef.png]

The items are called "Nutrition" and "Degrade" you can enter either of these in the searchbar, to get the list of the items,
Nutritions :
[Image: attacknutrition.png]Attack Nutrition [Image: defensenutrition.png]Defense Nutrition [Image: hpnutrition.png]HP Nutrition

[Image: spattacknutrition.png]Sp.Atk Nutrition[Image: spdefensenutrition.png]Sp.Def Nutrition[Image: speednutrition.png]Speed Nutrition

Degrades :
[Image: attackdegrade.png]Attack Degrade [Image: defensedegrade.png]Defense Degrade [Image: hpdegrade.png]HP Degrade

[Image: spattackdegrade.png]Sp.Atk Degrade[Image: spdefensedegrade.png]Sp.Def Degrade[Image: speeddegrade.png]Speed Degrade

Nutritions will boost the specific stat by 10 points, with a maximum amount of 200 points, that means you can only use 20 nutritions per stat, which makes 10k gold per stat, the rest you have to gain per battles.

Degrades will reduce the specific stat by 10 points, you can use them as many times as you like, but they are only usable once so you have to purchase several.
Like if you want to reduce the Defense stat by 30 points, you need to use 3 defense degrades.

Additionally i would advice to use the Held-Item "Double Training" [Image: doubletraining.png] it costs 2.5k(2.500)gold and doubles the rewarded TP
so 2 will be 4 and 3 will be 6

To choose which role will suit which monster best , you can check the dex-entries by either clicking on the monsters image, clicking on the dex-icon [Image: monsterdex.png]in the "hotbar" at the bottom of the game screen or by checking the "misc" menu in the topbar.
[Image: ehi51l.png]

For Example :
[Image: 2vkkf12.png]

This monster got insane speed and special atk stats, which will make for a good special sweeper, you want to make sure, its speed and sp.atk UVs are high and that it has fitting abilities and nature like listed below.
Another example :
[Image: qosrah.png]

This monster got high defense and sp.def stats so it would be perfect as a wall, you want to make sure its Def, Sp.Def and HP UVs are high and it has fitting nature and abilities like listed below.

The TPs are generic, it will all depend on the base stat, for example if a monster got more def than sp.def, you want to tp less in def and more in sp.def.
That applies to each role instead of sweeper.

Wall :

A wall is a monster which relies solely on defenses and status moves.

Natures : Blockhead / Profound / Discreet / Debonair / Impenetrable / Champion / Comfortable / Delicate / Endurable / Guarded / Perceptive / Secluded / Sedate / Sentinel / Solid / Trickster / Vigilante / Wary / Wise

Abilities : Slow Tough / Cautious / Radiation / Expert Regenerator / Camouflage / Perfect Body / Defense Master / Sp.Defense Master / Shield Master

TP-Training : You usually go for a 400 / 400 on Defense / Sp.Defense. You might wann to go for some HP instead of a few defenses depending on how high those are.

How to use : Don't let the idea of a monster with high defensive stats and low attack, and spattack fool you, with the proper monsters, and move pools walls can be some of the strongest builds in the game. walls can play different rolls depending on how you build them. moves that boost stats are very important when building a good wall, one example i'll use is "wishing star- increases one of the users stats 5 stages, user recovers 20% of it's maximum health" most commonly found on a odani, wishing star is one of the best stat boosting moves because it also heals 20% of the using monster health. this means that it can boost up it's stats and heal at the same time, winning. other moves can be tricky and will depend a lot on the abilities your monster has. status effect moves are the most common with walls, relying on poison, burning, and bleeding to inflict damage to the enemy, this can be easily be avoided with a monster that has perfect body ability. hp percentage moves are a good way to counter this ability *berserker- 54% of the enemies health is added to the damage as long as not type immune, randomly decreases one of the enemy's stats by 2 stages" because this move adds so much to the damage the attack stat itself doesn't matter as much, this move will hit very hard against any monster if it's not type immune. based on the abilities your wall has boosting accuracy may be required before using a move like this. of course the best way to learn how to use a wall properly is from experience, start looking for wall natures when you hunt, check the move lists to ensure it is capable of being a good wall, and most importantly keep an eye out for good abilities.

Tank : 

A Tank is a monster which can be divided in 2 categories :
1)Physical Tank, good Attack stat and good defensive stats.
a)Offensive, more focused on Attack on the cost of a bit defense.
b)Defensive :more focused on defense on the cost of a bit attack,
2)Special Tank, good Sp.Attack stat and good defensive stats.
a)Offensive,more focused on sp.attack on the cost of a bit defense.
b)Defensive,more focused on defense on the cost of a bit sp.attack.
The Tank takes on the damage taking part with the ability to strike back.It's defensive abilities aren't as good as the Wall's
But it is more versatile.

Natures : Physical Tank : Butcher / Reaper / Bullet / Radiant / Fearless
                  Special Tank : Tank / Specialized / Spooky / Sage / Calm / Morbid / Visible

Abilities : Physical Tank : Slow Strong / Slow Tough / Expert Regenerator / Accuracy Master /Attack Master / Physical Master / Defense Master / Sp.Defense Master / Shield Master / Perfect Body
                  Special Tank : Slow Strong / Slow Tough / Expert Regenerator / Accuracy Master / Sp.Attack Master / Special Master / Defense Master / Sp.Defense Master / Shield Master / Perfect Body

TP-Training : Physical Tank :  300 / 250 / 250 in Attak / Defense / Sp.Defense
                        Special Tank :    300 / 250 / 250 in Sp.Attack / Defense / Sp.Defense

How to use : tanks are a wonderful build to have on any type of team, with strong defensive stats, and strong attack, or spattack they can be very formidable against any other type of build. the monsters base stats, and move pools determine which type of tank the monster would be better suited for physical attack, or spattack. each tank needs certain moves in order to work effectively. a healing move preferably one that also causes damage is required for such a build in order to ensure your monster survives during a battle, some sort of boosting move that especially increases accuracy like "magic scales" is very important, but boosting other stats like defenses, or attack/spattack can be a good thing too. some monsters have damaging attack that boost accuracy and other stats but some will only have a status move to do the job, either way a move like this is needed. a very high damage move is good to have so once your monsters accuracy and other stats have a good boost you can unleash your fury on the enemy, these can be good hp percentage moves like "berserker" or just high base damage moves. for the last move on the list it can be different for each monster status inflicting moves are ok, a good status clearing move, a stat reducing or removing move to keep your enemy from boosting, or it can use a 1 priority move to help hit first even against monsters with higher speed. all of those depend on what monster you have and also what you feel would work better for you. in my opinion tanks can be some of the best types to bring with you in any situation.

Sweeper(Glass Cannon) : 

The Sweeper is focusing solely on Offensive might and Speed,therefore it has low defenses and miserable HP.Hit with all your might and do it first ! 
Again it can be split in 2 subroles :
A)Physical Sweeper, focuses on Attack and Speed
B)Special Sweeper, focuses on Sp.Attack and Speed

Natures : Physical Sweeper : Trembling / Aggressive / Vigorous
                  Special Sweeper : Hallucination / Aggressive / Hilarious

Abilities : Physical Sweeper : Attack Master / Physical Master / Speed Master / Accuracy Master / Bonus Damage
                  Special Sweeper : Sp.Attack Master / Special Master / Speed Master / Accuracy Master / Bonus Damage

TP-Training : Physical Sweeper : 400 / 400 on Attack / Speed
                        Special Sweeper : 400 / 400 on Sp.Attack / Speed

How to use : sweeper/glass cannon can be a good addition to a strong team. with their high speed they generally hit first, and with all of their training going into just two stats that end up with well above the average monsters speed, attack, or spattack. i cannot stress enough how accurate a sweeper needs to be, if it misses it's normally down for the count in one sometimes two hits. your sweeper cannot win a battle or even help much in a battle if it can't land a hit. i recommend sticking with monsters that have accuracy master ability. the moves are very important as well, a sweeper needs a "+1 priority move" to boost it's chances of hitting first since it will be battling against other sweepers with high speed eventually. a healing move that also does damage, it cannot be a status move and the higher the damage the better. this will allow to survive things like radiation and status effects doesn't normally help much if your sweeper takes a heavy damage attack. the last two moves are a bit easier to pick since it will depend on what monster you have. accuracy increasing move of course would be a wise choice but most monsters do not have a damaging attack that increases accuracy so keep an eye out on monsters that do. a hp percentage attack can work well against monsters with stronger defenses, but i suggest only using these if your monsters accuracy is extremely good since most of these strong attacks have very low accuracy. there other other moves such as a status inflicting attack, stat decreasing attacks preferably ones that lower the enemies accuracy, and attacks that boost your sweepers speed, attack, or spattack. all of this depends on the monster you have and what you would prefer. 

So far thanks to Weazel,for reading it over and helping on the TP-Training part :>
And Special thanks to Minordaddy for writing the "how to use" parts and optimizing the role details :>
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

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Oh I am colour blind ~
Excellent guide. 

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For issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.

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nice galliantBig Grin
Original Post overworked, hope it will be even more useful now.
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

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(2014-12-11, 08:15 PM)Galliant Wrote: Original Post overworked, hope it will be even more useful now.

Nice work.
this is another mind blowing work done
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
updated with Uv explanation.
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

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thank you very much for guide please pm me in game to get a legendary reward also tell me what nature you want
awesome Guide. i love it . Big Grin  . thanks , this helping me alot
i think we should open our own wiki to have such thing on there

hopefully if i can make v3 i am planning that
nice for newbie
nice job :o
Some minor fixing done.
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

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all threads updated with current prices.
Edit : and with more recent pictures.
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

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