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Could there PLEASE be an "Are you sure you want to surrender?" type response when you click on the 'Surrender' button? I have had many times when I've gone to click on the 'Select Monster Box' button and the page will shift because of something that finally loads on the page. Most of my losses have been because of this!
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I agree we need this Sad
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(2011-07-03, 04:42 PM)ItsHowIRoll Wrote: I agree we need this Sad

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Times this has happened to me: many

Surrender button: 134

Times Nitz owned: 134

Times Nitz didn't even realize what he did to get owned: 132
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
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Totally Agree with this. It's annoying -.-
yes it should be like that
I support :d
i support i almost surrender to a spirallaxy
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Credits to SparrowHawk
you just gotta take your time .
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