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Stuck on a map! Help!
So I am new to this game.. I just started today. I was happy to reach the Pelican Peninsula.. 
Apparently I need a monster who walks on water to go further (correct me if im wrong)
That boat doesnt seem to move and theres no tickets to hop on it

My question is where can you find a hyper surfing monster?  Huh
You can buy the hyper surf move in shop from NPC it's under the AI moves category
After that look for a monster that can learn hyper surf go to monsterdex and filter by Learnable move get 1 of those monsters teach it hyper surf and equip to your party.After this you can walk on the water Smile
learn hyper surf go to monsterdex
I like games
I have the same trouble as you
Hi I just love the 806-Siegeragon.

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