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So I did the story line no body offered to draw yet so I guess ill just continue with it so far I got this

A guy small glasses is in his backyard he hates his parents bad past

when all of a sudden he sees a fox aka first ancient Fendark
He is sucked in there he meets others battling he asks a guy what is this place???
The guy tells him this is the world of Monster MMORPG
Monster MMORPG!?!?!
and they battle and the guy is new but very good he wins the friendly boy said hi im gus and this is my monster Rajiunder
And he says Hi Im Furkan
He is givin a  watch that teleports him to the world of monstermmorpg
and earth so far all I got is this and I need the friendly boy to have blue hair and look buff and furkan to be light blonde haired and look nerdy and about the parents well just comment below if u can if ur not an artist and wanna help I am looking for helpers thank you
-This Is Volunteer Work

Details will be added on March 29th The First Chapter Of the Manga Also With No pictures if there are people involved I will try to get pictures done
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Can I request a super mod+ to delete the post above?
Constantly dying yet never dead
Not only is this request heavenly, but the storyline is awful
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(2014-02-28, 04:25 AM)Damaged Wrote: Yes I am a banned member but then again dont bother the biggest way for this game to improve is too bring a anime yes I have and helped people make animes 
If u think its a good idea just say so if cefurkan u belive its a good idea im willing to help u make it and  I am a very good storyliner

XD. Great script you got here.
What animes do you speak of? Fantastic Planet? (I recommend not to Google this movie for it brings serious WATs)
Constantly dying yet never dead

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