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[Story] Destiny of The Underworld
INTRO : You maybe wondering whats behind all these disasters, here's the answer to that..Out on the Pokemon World, many say disasters happen because when cold and warm air collide...Well not in this Pokemon World it doesn't.

[Chapter One]

Page One:

During the last few days Light has been very aggressive to find the answer to this. He was a pokemon trainer that traveled the world
carrying Pokemons that helped him battle across the road. Maybe to much, he had to put some in his Professor's PC. "Alright, this is a neat place to train at!" Light got very exited. "Maybe Tauros needs to train, so come out!" His Tauros came out in no time, it was ready to battle so Light sent out his Wartortle to help Tauros train. Tauros used Tackle and Wartortle dodged it, Tauros used a Rock Tomb but Wartortle Water Gunned it.
"Ay,Ay,Ay!" Light became angry. "Tauros use Take Down!!" Light commanded. Tauros blew his legs and rushed at Wartortle very quickly...Before Wartortle dodged it Tauros hit him with a big attack. Finally Wartortle was defeat, Light returned both pokemons to there pokeball and continue his adventure. During that time 2 persons appeared right in front of Light. They had a black shirt with a R on it, they blew a smoke bomb and sent out their pokemons Stoutland and Conkeldurr. Light was pretty angry himself so he sent out his Ultimate Trained Charizard and was prepared for a battle. Conkeldurr used DynamicPunch and Charizard avoid it by moving to the side, then Charizard use Flamethrower from the side. Conkeldurr was damaged really bad, but he got back up and waited for his trainer to call a attack. Stoutland was charging a Giga Impact on Charizard and Conkeldurr used Hammer Arm. Charizard then used Flare Blitz flying towards both opponents and did Critical hit on both of them making them faint on the floor. "You got lucky this one...You won't escape next time*cough*" The man talked while coughing. "Yeah....Next time we'll get you*cough*" The girl said coughing as well. Both of them threw a smokebomb and disappeared into the wilderness.

Page Two:

As Light stop by in Saffron City he looks for a snack to eat. "Hmm....what to eat...what to eat..." He thought. "a SANDWICH of course!!" Light bought his food and sat down and ate his food peacefully, after he was done he went outside. "Floatzel use Aqua Ring!!" A battle went on, both pokemon were strong as usual. The Aqua Ring was beautiful as it went around Floatzel, just then it used a Aqua Jet. "Toxicroak use Poison Jab while dodging it!!" The other trainer yelled. The Poison Jab was a Critical hit and Floatzel went flying almost a mile, "Oh no..!!" Light yelled. "He's flying to far, Charizard fly and catch it in the air!!" Charizard came out and caught it just in time before it fainted from far be on. Charizard came back carrying Floatzel on his back. "Thank you sir," The unknown guy said. "My names Jeff, im a trainer from Hoenn Region, nice to meet you." They shook hands as the other guy walked away into the dust, before Light stopped him he disappeared(Maybe ran away). "Light, maybe we could travel together...?" Jeff asked politely. Light thought of it then nodded "yes" to Jeff.
They went to the pokemon center to heal their pokemons then went to the poke market to buy some "human" food to eat.
After they grabbed a snack they went on, something awaits in the top of this place...what could it be though....?

Page Three:

During that time when they traveled they went inside a cave to see what was inside of it. "Its there a Legendary pokemon in here...?" Light asked nicely to Jeff. "What is a Legendary pokemon....?" Jeff replied with a question. "I never heard of one before," Light never knew what was a Legendary Pokemon as well, he never even saw one before in his whole life. Suddenly the Ground kept shaking as they walked. "Quick lets run!!! Dugtrio guide us through this cave...!!" Jeff was hit by his rib directly. Dugtrio dig through as the ground shook. "This may be behind the Legendary....I hope..." Light thought as he ran. "I have no time to think, must run!" During that time some Golem stopped them charging a Rock Slide. "Dugtrio use Dig!!" Jeff said quickly. "Run now!!" Light didn't want to ditch but he kept demanding to run instead of help, so Light ran away. He was alone again, all by himself he was finally safe. (What about Jeff...?) Light was ashamed of himself. "Golem...." A fainted Golem came nearby. "Great ball go!!" Light threw a pokeball, the pokeball kept shaking 4 times then was caught. As Light grabbed it he looked up and saw Jeff staring right in his face. "Your safe atleast, I found what was behind this earthquake...It was Zekrom the Legendary Thunder pokemon, it travels alot and ended up staying here *Argh*" Jeff explained. "I think it thought we were trespassers maybe,"
"Yes...I did, we Legendary live up to only one...We are in danger, many people try to capture the last Legendarys alive...Its because our power is unique to normal pokemons..." Zekrom interrupted. Light looked at Zekrom and opened a wide mouth. "I will only let one of you catch me...I trust you guys only in my life..." Zekrom said. "Ill let you have it, you need it to discover that secret right?" Jeff said. Light didn't say a word and threw the Ultra Ball at Zekrom catching it like nothing before, his party was full so he took the Poke Transfer to Transfer some of his pokemon to his Professor.
[Chapter Two]

Page One:

"Yes! One disaster is found, now we only need a couple more..." Light yelled and ran out of the cave then waited for Jeff. "*Puff**Puff* Wait up *Puff**Cough*, " After Jeff caught up Light and Jeff ran to a Mysterious Forest, in there it was quiet peaceful..."Hmm...Must be another disaster, or maybe to peaceful in here," Light began to thought. "Trespassers!!!! *We found some people trespassing*" A huge alarm blew on loudly.
"So Scary....Too scary, for me..." Jeff shivered. Then a huge wave of Leaf hit the ground, Light grabbed Jeff and dodged all the Leafs that was coming at them. "Grovyle!! Gro...Gro, Grovyle!!!!" A Grovyle charged his Leaf Blade at Light, but Light saw it very quickly and kicked it in the face. Grovyle quickly avoid it and got back up then used Quick Attack with a Leaf Blade.
[Image: 253.png]
"Man...Grovyle's tough and fast aswell, we need to take cover..." Jeff silently whispered. "Emboar come out and use Heat Crush!!!"
A huge rock covered in Fire came down crushing Grovyle to the ground, then Grovyle struggled to get out but fainted. Suddenly a Alarm came on again. "(Ce...Ce...Celebi!!! (Guardian Grovyle has fainted...Were going to attack ourselves then!!!)"
A Petal Dance whirlwind the whole place surface, Emboar used Flamethrower to burn the leafs that was going directly at them. "We are Celebi...and Shaymin," Celebi introduced themselves meanly. "Celebi will use Magical Leaf!!!" Light grabbed a Leaf and said, "This is the Time Travel pokemon hey...You need this peace of Leaf to complete Travel right?...?" Celebi was calm, didn't make any noise as usual. "Yes, give me it back!!" Celebi used Roar of Time even though it could not learn that. It made everything stopped then Celebi grabbed the leaf and time went on again. After that Celebi grabbed Shaymin and disappeared using a time travel.
[Image: 251.gif][Has Teleported in Time]
Is this Good enough then?
i don't think the forum is for such long stories o.o
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(2012-04-14, 11:18 PM)Dexter Singh Wrote: i don't think the forum is for such long stories o.o
I've seen longer ones than these @.@
Constantly dying yet never dead
why Banned he?
Bump this why?

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