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Starting zone revamp
I see a lot of new players enter the game and I am fairly new, myself. The first question I see asked the most is: Where is the gym?  They do not realize that the leader has a team of level 55 zeniths! I have not been around long enough to know whether the zeniths in the starting zone were a lower level or not, before they were all set to level 50.
    I would like to see a lot of these new players to continue playing and supporting the game.  The current challenges facing a new player are fairly tough.  Most start out, not having any clue what a zenith is, let alone what abilities and nature are all about and how that can make a great or a terrible monster.  I know I had no clue and I try to do as much research and pay attention to chat, as much as I can. 
   So they take this team and start leveling it up. Of course, everyone gets a bit of a 'wake up call' when they run into the npc with the level 50 monster! I started looking up the trainers in the area's and thought it best to just avoid them, as I did not know which one was the strong trainer of the two, in the area and just continued on my way.  I make my way through the areas until I get to the normal guardian.   The monsters in this area are levels 12 and 13. I know that I need to find higher level monsters, in order to level up a little faster. I try to sneak past this guardian and get stuck in a battle and find out the guardian also has level 55 monsters.
   Great. I have to level up my monsters on level 12 and 13 monsters.  I get up to level 49 (finally!!) and see my experience has hit a wall and  what was already a crawl, has slowed to a drag! But at least I finally have a chance to catch a zenith monster.
   A lot of games have a fairly easy beginner area, in order to draw in new players. I am glad that this game does not.  However, I know a lot of players do not like to work that hard. I do not want to see a lot of the new players giving up, when they see how much they are going to have to do, in order to get farther in the game and a lot of them will. Once I finally got past the beginner zone, I walked right through the next few zones.  Game balance is not there.  I had some offers for help, but I wanted to do it all on my own, to see just how difficult it was for new people.  I did not even realize that an xp/gold event was going on, while I was leveling, using expert leader and experience armors!! It still took me quite awhile longer than it should have.
    Perhaps the zenith's in the starting zone were easier to catch before, I do not know.  A player that has been around awhile suggested that maybe they should be lower level there.  My idea is that the normal guardian's monsters should be lowered a bit in a level.  At least, so that new players would feel like they are getting somewhere and not give up on this game so easily.  I would love to see this game more lively, with more users on regularly.  Perhaps even lowering the levels on the normal arena trainers and leader would help a little too.  It is a fairly simply solution, but could have severe ramifications if they are brought too low.
  I am sorry this is a bit long winded, but I wanted to make my point and hope this gets some serious consideration.  Thank you for taking the time to read this. Best Wishes to all and happy hunting.
yep at next update first 3 zones will not have any zenith, legendary or ancient monster Smile

pm me in game and i will reward you a zenith monster
ahh.. I misunderstood your plan. Thank you so much. I hope many more players stay long enough now to see how great this game really is. ^^
(2014-10-10, 07:45 AM)pbmurphy7 Wrote: ahh.. I misunderstood your plan. Thank you so much. I hope many more players stay long enough now to see how great this game really is. ^^

ty and we did that suggestion Smile

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