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Starter monsters in the wild
I have been wondering, If starters could be released into the wild, which a lot of people do, and if they do become wild it gives the starters a chance to actually be good for once, because a lot of the starters have potential to be pvp worthy and can actually be good.
That would be nice, +1 support
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I would agree to this if it was an event, but not to find them in the wild like any other mon.
In older pokemon games, being red and blue, you couldn't find a wild charmander/squirtle/bulbasaur either.
Plus, it would take away the potential of buying them, which is a loss for CeFurkan.
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A event would work also
it sounds like a good idea ,but you always could just change the starter
Isn't this a thing though already? doesn't Furkan have a starter in the wild on a certain map every once in a while??? Huh
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well this is going on as event based Big Grin

but it can be even further added into the game with different quests etc

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