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Starter "monsters"
will the starters be able to be catchable in the tall grass or anywhereSmile
i highly doubt that :p
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(2011-05-06, 03:35 AM)JosrRocks Wrote: i highly doubt that :p

Sad I wanted ironate too
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:angel:[/u]i want that if you can catch them then the game would ben nicer but if cefurkan dont do that i agree:P
yea same here...and i have no idea were to post this question but oh well...if i have an account for craft...what will the pokemon i already have be?...and will i have to start over? AND! when will registration for the test accounts be up ive been waiting to play since it shut down
During the alpha period we don't have our accounts, but when the beta period comes, we will get our old accounts back.
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Heh you didnt hear it from me.
will they ever be tradable even?
(2012-08-08, 08:16 PM)mobydickthewhale Wrote: will they ever be tradable even?
No they wont, they are only trad-able when you donate for them, or buy/trade for a donated starter.
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Starters... *sigh* I suggested catchable starter Monsters back then. I was rejected. BAD.
Starters are the monsters you will begin with, so you can only have one, UNLESS you donate. The donated Starters will then be trade-able and sell-able, but your original starter will never disappear.
If Starter Monsters become catchable, well, CeFurkan's money income from donations will slightly weaken. So, no to catchable starters Big Grin
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