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Star, Circle & Cube
So So So one more suggestion

Let's start

So this is all about Zenith, Legendary and Ancient

And also this will help new players a lot more then old gamers.

Suggestion is that when you walk/surf etc. and you ran into zenith/legendary/ancient at left of "Battle Run" option there will be like 1 icon:

Gold Star for Legendary

Silver Circle for Zenith

Red Cube for Ancient

Other monsters won't have anything like that. This will let players be more careful and will also help new players a lot to understand which monsters are rare.
[Image: 30.png] Captain of KARNAGE (PTD)
I like the concept... so if the title of this thread has a golden star, does it mean it's a legendary? XD

But... something's out of the blue... i can't just put my fingers into it... or is it just me? 0.o
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- Ramza Beoulve
it maybe who knows Big Grin
[Image: 30.png] Captain of KARNAGE (PTD)
Hmm... seems fair :/

But.. wouldn't that be almost similar to the "not run away from zenith+" suggestion? Just a small question.. didn't come out right though, half asleep.
I don't know anything about that suggestion sparrow =//
[Image: 30.png] Captain of KARNAGE (PTD)
people wanted to "break" the game by not having the option to run form certain classes of mons.
pffff selfish kids.
idk about this, seems neat but unnecessary. it's up to players to realize "omg i shouldn't run from this!"
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