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Standardized Tournament Classifying
This is not as much a programming change as a jargon change for the players that the staff would have to take charge in putting into effect. I think it would be easier to host tournaments if instead of having to explain all the details of a tournament a length to every new person or explain at lenght in a post if tournaments where given standardized categories. And also this suggestion is not coming from so much a need aspect as i think it would be fun thing to establish.

Tournament classifications could go something like this:

Baby Cup: no starters and Monsters only up to Superior class
Elite Tourney: starters and monsters up to Emissary class
Masters Tourney: starters and monsters up to Zenith class
Legendary Touney: starters and monsters up to Legendary class
Limitless Tourney: No category Restrictions (so ancients allowed)

Then you could have certain rules that always apply if you wanted like no duplicate monsters in a team. I would imagine the most popular tournament would be the Elite tourney but i think this would really add to the fun. Whenever someone is hosting a tourney they might post it but they could be on the in-game chat and all they'd have to say is, "hey im holding a lvl 100 max Elite tourney" or, "Guys im holding a lvl 20 max Baby cup" and so forth. Also the names i chose are just working titles, so if the staff wants to do something like this they would always have the right to change it up a bit. Well, thats my idea that i think would add some fun.

Scroll down, you can find it under Player Tips as a sub-forum. Competitive Strategies

nice, thanks my man, sorry just trying to help out... i will though try to be more vigilent at look for pre posted material before i post.
It's no problem.

I'm actually glad you posted something like this, it shows that there's someone else that's interested in a metagame Big Grin

Post in that thread with any further suggestions for addition/improvements.

I'm locking this thread for now.

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