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I've been in chat always wanting to see how really good PvPer's fight in high level PvP. So why not be able to have a Ongoing PvP board (which shows people PvPing) which has a "spectate" button so we can watch them! Wherever you're a pro and you want to see how people you're trying to help fighting styles, or you want to take tips off high levelled PvPer's or just for some fun! And if you don't want it, the person who sends the PvP invite can disable spectating for the match. It would work for all of us.

To Sum it up-

Great for teaching
Great for learning
Great just to have some fun
Allows you to study monsters you may want too

MAY course arguments
Bad connection could wreck everyones experience
Suggested bruh.
Gah...delete the thread then unless you wish to keep it as a support

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