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Some Suggestions That Could Help
1. Allowing players to build their Zenith / Legendary / Ancient counters through fishing or make a separate counter.  Otherwise this forces players to hunt in grass for a 1x counter in Ancients so they can fish and Find an Ancient in reasonable time.

2. Creating a Stat Calculator on different skills for different stats? Like Allowing a player to go in, pick a Monster and a Move, choose their ATTACK or SpATTACK and calculate the damage vs another Monster with DEFENSE or SpDEFENSE. This would be awesome for people players to know what will be more effective vs other moods in different situations.

3. Allowing players to trade directly to another Player instead of going through BAZAAR.

4. Adding a friends list to the game, see whose online who we like talking to.

5. Have a Built in Self Tutorial Guide inside the game for new players.  Like forcing them to use the Pokemon Center to heal up ... forcing them to catch a monster for the first time ...Forcing them against a Zenith at low levels which would kill them which could lead to forcing them to use the Center.  And forcing them to purchase a potion from the shop and last but not least poping an arrow in the direction of the Forum button if they are wanting to learn more information.
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those are good suggestions Smile
As a former [fanatical] player of this game, these suggestions would surely make [me from 3 years ago] happy (of course it would also please some of the newer players still on the rise). Really nice suggestions here, really.
Constantly dying yet never dead
good ideas bookmarked
Great suggestion, I can take a look.
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