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Idk if it was suggested already.

I think that the number of things you can purchase in a shop should depend on the number of Ancient Gems you have.
This would make it so that noobs with money don't get their hands on high leveled equipment.
More gems = more items to purchase.

I also think that item purchasing should be restricted only to items you could buy on your own.
Meaning the you can't just transfer a MonsterBox by switching to your main and such.
I personally think this is one of the reasons that the game is getting a bit too easy and unbalanced.
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You're welcome.

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too pkmn like xD
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(2012-11-26, 09:16 AM)fjkulit Wrote: too pkmn like xD
Pokemon wasn't the first nor the only RPG to use a benchmark-based shop system. Granted, in most similar games your available items would scale up after some "momentous occasion", and Pokemon marked said occasions with 'badges', but I do like this idea. It's just a more convenient version of "nicer things in later cities", so you're not constantly carrying around your FLY monster so you can port to Zone 107 for the good stuff. I agree that the new characters should be scaled back in their purchasable items.

Alternatively, I'd like to see the 'rarer stuff' given out as quest rewards and monster drops only. This would keep the Shop from having a bajillion items in it, AND stimulate the item trade section. Maybe a combination of these two things?

If the game went that route, what should be available in shops early on and late-game?
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i agree,MonsterMMORPG game is still not done yet with updates I hope it to be very good game

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