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Searching For Monsters With Health Equality Moves
[Image: ACyK5KV.png]
Note: This is not a list of monsters with "Health Equality" move, but a way to help you determine if a monster has a "Health Equality" move. A list has not been made, but you can feel free to make one.

What is a "Health Equality" move?

A "Health Equality" move is a move with the following description:
[Image: J6ZMuwh.png]

This move is great to use when you are in battles where opposing monsters have a vast amount of HP such as legendary or/and ancient hunting or battling tough arenas (areas 17-19).

How To Know If A Monster Has A "Health Equality" Move

This method can be very time consuming. However, I will try to give you some suggestions of monsters below.

STEP 1: Go to any monster page. In this example, I will be using #1555 Sergonair 

[Image: 6pcq.png]

STEP 2: Press Ctrl + F at the same time. 

[Image: EztLh10.png]
[Image: zsj.png]

STEP 3: Type in the "Health Equality" move in the search bar. You should type in the "Health Equality" move that is the type of the monster or "Level Off". ("Health Equality" move list below)

Since Sergonair is half Dragon, I type in "Dracolibra".
The reason to also try "Level Off" because most monsters aren't Dark type and they learn "Level Off". This might also be the case for some other monsters with different "Health Equality" moves.

[Image: QPhtxEe.png]

That's how you know!

"Health Equality" Move List
If I am missing any, which I am bound to, please tell me. Also, if you find other example monsters for any "Health Equality" move besides "Level Off", comment below!

BUG (Equality Web) Example Monster(s): Larvurm
DARK (Level Off) Example Monster(s): Coodra, Mantice, Brachpour
DRAGON (Dracolibra) Example Monster(s): Sergonair
ELECTRIC (Short Circuit) Example Monster(s): Jrava
FIGHTING (Balance Force) Example Monster(s): Humusian
FIRE (Burning Magnet) Example Monster(s): Wooflame
FLYING (Wing Combination) Example Monster(s): Skyceon
GHOST (Life Ties) Example Monster(s): Phantisma 
GRASS (Leeching Plant) Example Monster(s): Paraprano
GROUND (Equate) Example Monster(s): Scrab
ICE (Frost Slicer) Example Monster(s): Frigideer 
LIGHT (Light Symbol) Example Monster(s): Sahareon
NORMAL (Equality) Example Monster(s): Cocatut, Dracoknight
POISON (Equal Circumstance) Example Monster(s): Biost, Veptis
PSYCHIC (Platonic Balance) Example Monster(s): Tingle
ROCK (Equal Rock) Example Monster(s): Rook
STEEL (Tuning Fork) Example Monster(s): Wogare, Futairik
WATER (Aqua Absorb) Example Monster(s): Axotogol, Grasilisk
good guy prysma
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ancient grasilisk and zenith futairik and draconight Smile i forgot the move names though Big Grin
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
(2013-12-01, 05:40 AM)staff vidyasagar Wrote: ancient grasilisk and zenith futairik and draconight Smile i forgot the move names though Big Grin

Thanks. Big Grin
Thank you for this.

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