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ScrewAttack: Goku Vs Superman
A vicious battle between goku and superman WHO Will win? post your comments belowSmile[youtube]oyl97TG8jbA[/youtube]
goku hands ddown lol
I'm leaning a bit more towards Goku as well. Goku could destroy the sun, kill Superman, then just wish for another one. Besides, unless Goku stands still, Superman wouldn't be able to see him because he'd have to know and understand about the use of ki, so those who know nothing about it won't be able to see him when Goku moves at those speeds.
I Actually Watched The Whole Thing , It Humored Me Smile
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One does not simply defeat Goku.
I watched this a while back, it made me cry.
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if u consider the kinda enemys goku fought (ex buu) and compare those to the enemy superman fought gpku wins hands down lol...saying superman can beat Goku! is like saying the reaper can die lol just not possible good try tho lol
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"the greatest victory is that which requires no battle"
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Everyone's siding with Goku even after they proved with solid mathematics that Superman would be superior in battle. I am only throwing this out there because I have no fan bias. Because Goku strives for a fair battle, he lost fair and square.

I really loved the battle scene they included; it was fun to watch.
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why do i side with goku?

1. partly from fan bias as you said...but also partly form this So screw attack is saying that while goku cannot defeat superman...batman can That my funny Smile

2.Also with those solid mathmatics in the goku/vs/superman I had a couple of problems...

on the ki output section they determined that since goku doesn't move...and since every action has an equal and opposite reaction he can only output as much force as he could withstand himself...

But if the ground isn't damaged wouldn't that same theory mean that he was dedicating just as much power to keeping him where he is at? effectively doubling the maximum amount he could possibly output

3. They determine his speed based on him going through snakeway after his original gravity training with king kai...I find that funny considering that is quite early in dbz and he becomes far faster as dbz progresses
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Goku just needs to flick Batman with his PINKY. Batman's dead o-o

You all know how much I love and respect Batman. Batman's the best but when it comes to him vs Goku.. Goku ofc.
Batman can beat Superman :3

Goku beats Batman. Goku beats Superman.

Goku. Beats. All.
thank you^^...goku is just unbetable lol if omega shenron couldnt beat him u think batman/superman can...i mean thats blasphemy lol
[Image: 2drew7m.jpg]
"the greatest victory is that which requires no battle"
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
In addition all of this -->

I especially like this excerpt from the first sentence of the last paragraph
"I still watch it and find it entertaining, but it's not apt to proclaim this video is any accurate result. "
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