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Rollie's UV/NC change Thread
I currently have some spare cash and can offer some UV Maxing and Nature Changing.

If you want to bid pm me Here or Here.

The spots are now closed Knost and Dz won.

Spot 1 - Knost

Spot 2 -

I would prefer gold or pvp worthy monsters.
Update: 1 spot can be for an ancient
[Image: 33db1vm.png]
il offer in game
Updated with the current 'leaders'
[Image: 33db1vm.png]
me me pls my Fendark , miro ,volca,engiron and solarikon and lambus pls
i pm'd you on the forums! Big Grin
Viva La B.P.C! Many Enter, few Leave!

[Image: rainbowsig_zpsb55967d0.jpeg]
Updated closing time
[Image: 33db1vm.png]
why ppl who donates itself are fighting for spots lol
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
Just wondering, but how much r u charging?

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