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Genre: Adventure, Thriller, Horror

A/N: This fanfiction is based on monstermmorpg, but the main character is an edited old rpc of mine. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

A young woman took her strides out of her house, white hair flowing behind her as the tips swayed at her waist. Her metallic boots clicked on the ground beneath her, icey runes engraved into the cold titanium. Her eyes attempted to gaze ahead but she has no pupils to collect light, not even color or hint of an iris. She relied solely on the bouncing and friendly Scortorch beside her to guide her steps.

Before going too far, she stopped and turned her head down to the happy bundle of heat and spoke in an iced voice, "Okha... Did you take my socks again?"

The Scortorch sat and cocked her head, Okha was trying to play innocent by not making noise but a low cute growl arose. "I can tell you are guilty," The woman spoke again to her monster.

Okha whimpered and went back inside to place back the socks she had 'collected' from the laundry room. Pandora awaited patiently for her excited bundle of heat to come back to her. Once Okha was felt, they took off on their way to the nearest store. She bought several monster boxes then got on her way through the paths, catching anything she could.

Her mind thought about when she had met Okha, given to her due to her blindness. It was thought that the heat would be easy to follow. I was very easy since the first thing her companion did and does every time they meet is jump her and nuzzle her face.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of scampering. She caught many friendly beings, through sound alone and with Okha's help. She then heard a scampering that was a little odd. Okha's eyes caught the being, running across the ground right at them. Okha pushed Pandora out of the oncoming monster's path.

Pandora heard a disgruntled hiss and paws dragging across the ground as a clearly angry Bezibel prepared for another go. Okha ramped up her fire and launched at the sprinting cat-like monster. Pandora waited to hear an impact before tossing a monster box to capture the little angry ball of fur. Okha watched the box bounce around as the angry monster inside rammed at the walls.

Pandora gave a sigh of relief when the box settled down, turning her head to Okha's warmth and said, "That was horrible." She paused then placed her hand out to feel for Okha, not feeling her. "Your fire has gotten warmer. You must be close to being able to transform."

Okha made a happy grunt, what her owner couldn't see was that she had already transformed into a Terrire. In her pride, she went to the box and began pushing it back to her owner but paused. Something felt off about the creature inside the box, but it was already caught so all she could do was watch out for Pandora.

Pandora felt the box and picked it up, opening it just to get claws in her face. She fell over, dropping the box as she held where she got scratched. Okha growled at the Bezibel and pinned it down. Pandora got up, feeling warmth dripping down along her skin. She looked in the direction of the snarling and heat and said, "That's never happened before."

Okha kept the cat pinned as Pandora came close and kneeled down. "Phambene will be your name, it means crazy," Pandora spoke to the angry and hissing ball of fur.

Okha waited until it calmed down before letting up the new addition to the team. Phambene got to all four  paws then sat down facing her new owner. Her tail twitched as she snarled under her own breath. She let a final rumble out as she figured how to possibly make her way out. She sat straight up and gave a reassuring mew as if all was fine and dandy.

Okha tilted her head, confused at the sudden change in Phambene. Pandora was also confused but took it as a sign of trust. "Phambene, you are going to be on the main team with Okha, Inhlabathi, Beauty, Shisa, and Antzar. Behave."

Phambene purred and skittered to the back of the group. Okha couldn't help but still be very suspicious. Pandora thought nothing of it and began her journey to level her team.

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