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Return of monsters description maybe
Hi dudes, haven't played this game in a while, but sometimes I go and check the new monsters and art, its really awesome how the game grew. I was looking throughout the monsters and I have a suggestion.
How about a new way of categorizing monsters based on what they are, their style of art? Like:

4 - Chlorotops -"dinosaur"

13 - Gigerath - "Alien", "terrifying", "raw awesomeness"

21 - Vydral - "multi-headed"

273 - Magnilok - "robot/cyborg", "cannon"

363 - Majesrial - "feline", "royalty"

764 - Sporoom - "mushroom", "infestation"

1285 - Mushroute - "mushroom", "old", "mustache"

1470 - Drawinard - "dog", "artist", "PK look alike"

With every monster having 1 or more categories.
This way if u like a certain style of monster you could easily plan your team, also it would open the door to three possibilities: -> permanent challenges based on a team of the same style (like 6 felines), for example 50 battles with a same style team on a certain area without running or healing. (I'm guessing this one is not new)
->when a team is made of 6 monsters of the same style, HMs would not be needed and maybe some better chances to catch certain monsters and 
->new sprites based on the style, for example a feline or dragon character that could be unlocked if say u beat every arena leader with a team from a certain style, that would give players something to do which would take a very long time (unlocking every possible sprite) and so keep them playing for longer. It doesn't exactly add to the main theme of the game but it sounds kind of good to me, if I like the mushrooms monsters, for whatever reason, i could be a giant walking mushroomSleepy, or if I like the robot monsters I could be a robot, just saying...
I'm guessing this would give players an extra incentive to catch new monsters and unlock their favorite sprites with their favorite team without any HM slave.
hope u guys agree and that this treat isn't classifiable as spam
we had something like this in V1: but then it was removed i dont know why
[Image: GildartzSigfinished.png]
Be Blinded By My Prowess
I think it is removed because it is not important like u already said in the thread itself Tongue

I really like the idea... but this thing is kinda an priority -3 thingy Tongue

You know, a lot of more important stuff goes first Tongue

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